• Nightly Discussion #281

    Happy Saturday to everyone! How do you think the gems like to party? Would the Homeworld gems be more wild than the Crystal Gems? Hope you're all having a fun weekend!

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  • Drawing Things Out #274

    What's up? It's time for Drawing Things Out!

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  • Music: Peace and Love (Cover) / Connie (Remix) / Love Like You (Remix)

    We've picked out some super great jams for you on this Saturday evening!

    1.) Peace and Love (Cover)
    2.) Connie (Remix)
    3.) Love Like You (Remix)

  • Top 10 Scariest Things in Steven Universe

    We've probably all had at least moment while watching SU where we stop for a moment and think, "yeah, this is TOTALLY a kids show." SU has a maturity about it that's honestly refreshing. It treats kids like intelligent humans that sometimes have to learn how to handle big problems, like having trouble making friends, losing a parent, not fitting in, communication barriers, or struggling with parents understanding/listening, to name a few. And then there are other times when things just get down right creepy, enough to make even some adults cringe. So what have been the scariest moments in SU? What part did you find the most scary?

  • Sapphire Doesn't Have a Weapon?

    Well, that certainly is interesting. Although the Crewniverse has said that Peridot's weapon is her gem technology and Lapis' weapon is her water wings, it's probably safe to assume that Sapphire's weapon is her future vision. It's not a physical weapon, but it is definitely an ability that has been shown to be unique to herself and, at the very least, to Garnet (it is never revealed whether or not Sugilite or Sardonyx posses future vision). We've seen Ruby and Garnet both use gauntlets, although Garnet's definitely differ in style from Rubys. So, what do you think?

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  • Spotlight Music: Malachite (Original)

    Are you anxiously awaiting the return of Malachite, and by proxy Lapis and Jasper? Maybe this original fan song can help ease the length of the hiatus. Check out the cool song below!

  • Fan Theory: Who's The Strongest Gem??

    We've seen gems with a lot of power. Jasper fought and beat Garnet, but only with the help of a destabalizer. The second time around, Garnet kicked her butt. Rose, as the leader of the Crystal Gems, was definitely the biggest (of Garnet, Amethyst, or Pearl), so it'd be easy to say that she is stronger than all of them. She's roughly the same height and stature as Jasper, which makes sense as they are both quartz gems. Lapis, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have a whole lot of physical power, but she took on all of the Crystal Gems and was able to hold her own using her water powers. So, which gem is the strongest? Check out the video below and then feel free to give your own thoughts in the comments!

  • Comic:Glow / Material / Sorry

    Much like Peridot is still learning about the Earth, so is Lapis Lazuli.

  • AMV: Treasure

    This AMV has some stellar editing! Brighten your morning by watching this awesome video!

  • Story: Like Stars in the Sky

    Just a little picture I did of Steven and Peridot stargazing. :)
    [Slice of Life]

    Author: SotetAG
    Description: Despite her growing adaptation to life on Earth, Peridot really misses space. Pearl can relate.
    Like Stars in the Sky