• Nightly Discussion #207

    Happy Birthday to Steven! Ah yes, a nice and fairly calm episode. The Crewniverse is trying to lull us into a false sense of security! Thinking the show can just be slice of gem life and silly antics. We all remember how, "the gems have a sleepover" turned into "Lapis loses her personality to Malachite." Hope you all enjoyed the episode! There are still three more to go!

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  • Drawing Things Out #200: Blue Diamond's Pearl is Really Popular

    There was definitely a lot of fan art of Garnet's original look, but as I was searching up art for the post, there was also a ton of Blue Diamond's Pearl. Sometimes with Blue Diamond, often not. Check out a bunch of fan art from yesterday's episode!

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  • Something Entirely New Track Uploaded!

    The Crewniverse isn't messing around with this Steven Bomb! So much cool content, both from the creators and from the community, have been releasing at the speed of light! Check out the official release of the song from yesterday's episode, after the break!

  • [Steven Unvierse Reviews] The Answer

    What the heckie! Two reviews for the same episode released on the same day the episode aired? Cray cray! Check out another great review, this one by scampy, after the break!

  • Steven Universe Review - The Answer

    We all loved the episode, and there has been so much fan content circulating around it already! Check out this review from AJ Universe that came out yesterday, shortly after the episode aired. Say what, same day release? Give it a watch below!

  • Steven's Birthday - Episode Discussion/Streams

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVEN! I hope there's a big party! Probably at the barn, so make sure you give everyone directions! Don't forget your birthday suit! I'll bet the Crystal Gems will be there, and Peridot too, and also Greg and Lion and hopefully Connie, and maybe the Cool Kids and possibly Sadie and to a lesser extent Lars... Man, it's gonna be a whiz-bang heck of a time! Wouldn't it be cool if Lapis showed up? Well I mean I guess that'd mean you'd have to deal with Jasper but... ok yeah that'd really take the wind out of your special day, so let's not hope for Lapis. Maybe Lapis can show up in the next episode. Still, it's gonna be a fun day with presents and games and who knows what else?
    You just gotta promise me one thing, Steven... please do your best to not age and die like you almost did last time, ok buddy? No aging. No dying. You can handle that, right Steven? Please survive your birthday.

    Come join the party at 5:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If you're not in the Beach City area, you can join us in spirit on one of the streams listed after the break.

  • New Song From 'It Could’ve Been Great'!

    Cartoon Network just released an official new Steven Universe song! And don't forget, 'Steven's Birthday' airs in an hour!

  • Episode Followup: The Answer

    The hiatus is over! I mean, let's be honest, they could've served us up any ol' episode and we'd've been happy, but they hit us over the head with a big bucket of backstory! Mmm, this episode was like a fine wine, and I don't even like alcohol! What's to love about this episode? What's not to love about this episode? I'll give you the answer after the break.
  • Rebecca Sugar's Demo of Something Entirely New!

    We know you loved Ruby and Sapphire's song in 'The Answer'! Listen to the demo, performed by Rebecca Sugar. I can't decide which is more beautiful, the finished version sung by Ruby and Sapphire, or the raw demo by Sugar herself. Check out the demo, after the break!

  • Story: Endless Beginnings

    Let's Move On
    [Sad] [Shipping]

    Author: the1rei
    Description: With Connie gone an elderly Steven isn't long for this world either.  The Crystal gems, both new and old, gather to say goodbye.  But as always with Steven nothing is as simple as it seems. 
    Endless Beginnings