• Nightly Discussion #107

    Howdy! Welcome to tonight's discussion! Holy crap there has been so much Peridot art since the episode! I don't think there's been so much fanart of a character since Lapis Lazuli was revealed - and even then, the fandom was still pretty small. More than half of the art in tonight's Drawing Things Out had Peridot, and there's still more I didn't get to use! So, what do you think of the revelation that Peridot is so tiny? Do you think she'll eventually come around and become a permanent member of the Crystal Gems? Will she ever get her limbs back? And what must Homeworld be like, that Peridot thinks everything is a weapon? Enjoy tonight's discussion!

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  • Drawing Things Out #100

    Well, here we are at Drawing Things Out #100! This fandom has produced so much amazing fanart, and I know there's still tons more to come! To celebrate #100, Emerald is going crazy and featuring 100 art pieces! Yep, that's right! Don't tell Calpain I've gone mad with power.

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  • Fan Theory: The Geode IS the Cluster?

    There's a super cool fan theory that was posted on Tumblr after 'Catch and Release' aired, and the promos for 'When It Rains' started coming out. It's sounds super plausible, and like just the sort of thing the show would pull. Be sure to check out the full theory below!

  • Music: Do It For Him/Her (Cover) / I'm Still Here ft. Rose and Steven (Parody) / We Are the Crystal Gems (Instrumental)

    Give today's cool jams a listen, after the break!

    1.) Do It For Him/Her (Cover)
    2.) I'm Still Here ft. Rose and Steven (Parody)
    3.) We Are the Crystal Gems (Instrumental)

  • Comic: Mirror / Night Protector / Only Weakness

    Peridot is back again, taking over today's second comic post!

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  • AMV: Rude

    Here's a really cute Greg and Rose AMV! The song fits pretty well too, for the most part. Check it out, after the break.

  • Article: Gems and MTG Color Identity Explained

    Matt Burnett revealed on Twitter which Magic the Gathering color combos he thought different characters from SU would play. Also interesting was that he said of Jasper, "She's probably W/B/R - a complicated character, as people will eventually find out." If you're into MTG and/or want to know more about what different deck color combos say about a character, check out the link below!

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  • Comic: Weak / Deception / Funland / Update: Peridot the Dreamcatcher

    The latest episode has spurned a lot of fandom love for Peridot! Check out today's Peri themed comics, and click for full view.

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  • Animation: Destroy Them With Lazers

    Here's a short animation, once again made with Flipnote! Check it out, after the break.

  • Story: Small Mishap

    Little art trade of a pregnant Peridot for my friend emetyo! <333
    [Adventure] [Shipping] 

    Author: SharpieSam
    Description: A slight mishap has led to a drastic change in Peridot and Ronaldo’s lives. Of course, they're going to get through it together, but is Peridot really going to be able to handle the physical and emotional stress? Or is she going to have to relinquish her physical form to create this new life?
    Small Mishap