• Nightly Discussion #17

    Peridot sure does seem to be the most popular of the evil Gems so far! I wonder if the next Steven Bomb will change that up a little?

    Evening guys! Ready for some chatting?

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  • Comic: The Hot One / The Brightest Things Fade the Fastest

    Neodusk is back with a new comic for you all today! He's really cranking these out isn't he?

    Anyhow, more comics guys! There seems to be a never ending supply of them in the SU fandom.

    Click for full!

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  • Drawing Things Out #11

    Art time again my friends! Sorry for no feature yesterday, I came down with a slight case of food poisoning that took me out of commission. But we're back so let's get down to it!

    Check on after the break for some awesome art!

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  • Plushie Compilation #1

    Kind of a slow day today, but we've got a new feature for you all at the least! Thanks to the work of ChiraChan we were able to compile quite a few plushies from the SU fandom for you today. They may be of varying quality, but every new art scene needs time to get it's legs after all! So far though I think an excellent effort has been put into these, so well done plushie makers!

    So check on after the break for some SU plushie fun! Also, if you have any plushies or crafts of SU, please send them on in. We'd love to post them!

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  • Comic: Protection / Oh Pearl / Got your....Nose?

    Have some grade A angst in this first one! Then tone it down with some ridiculous Pearl antics. Also bonus silly comic about Jasper! Click them all for the full view!

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  • Animation: Love Like You

    A neat little animation set to the ending theme. Take a look, after the break!

  • Doug Walker of Channel Awesome Vlogging About SU!

    Doug Walker of Channel Awesome and Nostalgia Critic fame has teamed up with his brother to do a vlog series on the SU episodes! Starting off with Gem Glow and Laser Light Cannon he plans to do vlogs on other episodes really soon so we'll keep you guys posted on that.

    Check on after the break for his vlogs on Gem Glow and Laser Light Cannon!

  • Comic: Autopilot / Good Bad News / Rocks on Facebook

    As usual, click for full! There are some real gems cool comics here!

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  • Story: Being Shellfish

    [Slice of Life][Random]

    Author: BarracudaHeart

    Description: Sadie meets Lars' parents and finds where he truly gets his crabbiness from. A very very silly oneshot written based on a joke from tumblr that the author couldn't get themselves over soon enough.

    Twitter: Emerald