• Nightly Discussion #540

    What's up? Anybody getting snow yet? I've seen some photos of snow around. Anybody not in the U.S. having summer right now? Have all the leaves fallen off the trees where you live?

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  • Meep Morp #527

    Here we go on another meep mopr ride!

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  • AMV: Natural

    Who is ready for some feels? This is one of this awesome edits that's kind of an AMV, but works more like a trailer. Seriously well put together, and it even has some footage from the new episode! Nice. If you love Pearl, this one's for you.

  • The Blood Gulch Gems #2

    This was spot on characterization for Jasper.

  • Music: I Could Never Be Ready (Cover) / Here Comes a Thought (Cover) / Peace and Love (Cover)

    Are you ready to hear some awesome tunes? Well, I certainly hope so! These are some fantastic covers we have compiled here today.

    1.) I Could Never Be Ready (Cover)
    2.) Here Comes a Thought (Cover)
    3.) Peace and Love (Cover)

  • Fan Theory: New Ending Theme FORESHADOWS the Corruption Song?

    Have you been tuning in for the credits in the latest SU episodes? Well, if you haven't, you've been missing out on some pretty intense instrumentals. So what's the Crewniverse planning now that Love Like You has been completed?

  • Steven Universe Theory - Theory Compilation #3

    Who does not love a boatload of theories? Sure, you could spend 10 minutes on one, or you could have a bunch of smaller ones to keep things interesting! Here's the latest theory compilation video from AJ Universe! Were there any new theories you hadn't heard of before? Anything that surprised you?

  • 10 Facts About the Crystal Gems You Should Know

    How well do you know the Crystal Gems? Brush up on your facts and trivia with Swaggy Thunder!

  • SU Makes It To Paste's 25 Best TV Shows of 2016

    Though it only came in at number 18, at least it made the list! So what do you think? Should SU have been higher? How many of the shows in the list did you watch this year?

    Steven Universe has been the best show on Cartoon Network for quite some time, but this year it made the jump to the big leagues. Like Pixar’s great films, it transcends its “target” audience of children by distilling nuanced, powerful emotions into a universally comprehensible form without losing any of its intellect.
    Here’s an incomplete list of the themes the show treated in 2016: abusive love, Marxism, unmitigated bereavement, depression, self-hatred, PTSD, matricide. Such a cheerful show, right? Actually, yes: The core of Steven Universe, despite its unbelievably heavy subject material, is love—not only of every creature on Earth, good or bad, but of life itself, regardless of the terrible circumstances it hurls your way. Sure, that’s an aspirational message in what has been an astoundingly hate-filled year, but Steven is essentially the Chance the Rapper of animated television: He’ll make you believe in his infectious, hard-nosed optimism.
    And that’s not to mention the show’s humor—which strikes some sneakily adult poses—or its songwriting, which is the best on television this side of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Just about the only thing Steven Universe could do better in 2017 would be to maintain a slightly more predictable schedule.

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  • THREE GEMS AND A BABY | Steven Universe Review and Analysis

    Say, did anybody write a fanfic parodying the movie of a similar title that this episode is based on? Get on that! And while we're waiting, let's check out an episode review from Fictional Crystals!