• Nightly Discussion #110

    Happy Tuesday! 2 more days until a new episode! Hope you all are having a great week so far, and enjoy tonight's chat!

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  • Drawing Things Out #103

    Hey everyone, how's it going? Hope you're ready for another awesome art night!

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  • AMV: Conquer

    This is a super cool AMV! It features Garnet, and the song in the background is by Estelle (so it's easy to imagine Garnet singing it). Be sure to check out this awesome AMV, after the break!

  • Spotlight Music: Let Her Go

    Check out this awesome original song by Cyril the Wolf! The song was inspired by the episode 'Nightmare Hospital'. There's even a download link in the description, so be sure to check this song out!

  • Comic: The fusion of Diaspore / Cute Clod / Pie

    Some more cutie-patootie Peridot comics! Click for full view.

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  • Animation: Warriors

    This is a really cool flipnote animation! It has a lot more detail that I usually see from flipnote animations, and it looks awesome! Be sure to check it out, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: The Diamonds Are Fusions

    I'm sure you're all aware of the Diamond Authority that the show has hinted at, and that fans have been surmising about for months. Here's a super crazy theory about the Diamonds that actually has a lot of evidence to back it up. I didn't expect for this theory to be so mind-blowingly plausible, but I found myself thinking over and over that would make total sense. Given how many surprises we've seen from the show so far, many which were hinted at early on (Garnet being a fusion was hinted in episodes 4 and 32, but not revealed until episode 52), it doesn't seem too far fetched for this theory to actually be true. Consider how much has still been hinted at that we don't know about (we still don't know what the geode is, what that chest in Lion's mane contains, or why there's a bubbled gem in Lion), all of which must have some kind of story that will be revealed later on. So, read up on the theory below, and prepare to be as amazed as I was!

  • Comic: Okay / Blanket / The Real Villain

    More Peridot comics are coming your way!

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  • Article: What ‘Steven Universe’ Can Teach Us About Living Between Two Worlds

    This was a really good read, that further explored Steven's struggles with being a half gem, half human. Steven is very special and unique, and Steven himself finds that very cool. But in the same way, Steven is also very alone. As Garnet said, "There's never been anything or anyone like Steven." Steven is the only one of his kind, a half human and a half gem. None of his kind have existed before. Both humans and the Crystal Gems treat him differently, because he's only half of either type. Not fully human, not fully gem. Steven struggles to find his identity, his history, and himself. Check out the article below to read more!

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  • Story: How You've Grown

    Garnet- Your middle name is Cutie Pie

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Bookman230
    Description: After Nightmare Hospital, Garnet deals with the fact Steven faced Clusters all on his own. Without her.
    How You've Grown