• Nightly Discussion #147

    Do you think gems are sensitive? Like, the actual gems? Maybe they're like that awesome scratch spot on a dog that they just go crazy for. Or maybe it's a really soothing when it receives pressure. What do you think a gems properties are like? Do gems like to be touched on their gems? Enjoy tonight's discussion!

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  • Drawing Things Out #139

    Time for another round of awesome art! Check out all the cool works, after the break!

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  • Spotlight Music: Stronger Than You (Cover)

    This is an amazing cover of Stronger Than You! It's instrumental only, but the arrangement is fantastic. Be sure to listen to it, after the break!

  • Animation: Krillin Universe!!!

    If you're a fan of Dragon Ball Z, you'll love this parody! Watch it, after the break.

  • SU Review and Celebration

    Check out this analysis from The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel! He explores the importance of Steven Universe, and how children's cartoons have evolved up to this point. Check out the in depth analysis, after the break!

  • Comikaze Expo 2015 Cosplay Compilation

    Little Ursa Cosplay headed to Comicaze last weekend! He got a lot of great photos, and of course Lion was there every step of the way! Be sure to check out the awesome costumes, after the break!

  • Steven Universe Themed Room!

    How cool would it be to have an awesome Steven Universe themed cloud room? Well, tealdragon is living in that reality! He spent all summer painting, but I'd say it was well worth it! Thanks to Cristin for sending this in.

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  • Comic: Face Fusion / Cheer Up / What Happened?

    Ever since Peridot was prominent in the last few episodes before the hiatus, there have been a lot of fan works featuring her. Check out today's comics, starring Peridot!

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  • Hot Topic Gets ‘Steven Universe’, ‘Stakes’ Exclusives

    Cartoon Network announces that Hot Topic has launched a new, exclusive retail program featuring merchandise and content based on hit animated series Steven Universe and Adventure Time’s Marceline the Vampire Queen, who stars in an eight-part special titled “Stakes” which kicks off Monday, November 16. The goods are available now at Hot Topic stores in the U.S. and on hottopic.com.
    To celebrate Marceline’s dedicated programming event, Hot Topic is offering an assortment of products based on the red-sucking rocker, including an exclusive vinyl figure from Funko’s POP! line, men’s and juniors’ t-shirts, a hinge wallet and vinyl record.
    Plus, shoppers can get a Marceline-themed comic book from Boom! Comics as a gift with any $25 purchase of Adventure Time products in stores or online (starting Nov. 9, while supplies last). Hot Topic also has a special “Hot Minute” interview with the Marceline on its YouTube channel.
    The magical merch dedicated to Steven Universe’s heroic boy and his Crystal Gems pals Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl include a range of licensed apparel and accessories from Bioworld and Mighty Fine (available in men’s and juniors’ sizes), plus exclusive Funko POP! vinyl figures for all four main characters.

    Still no idea what the official Steven Universe pop figures will look like. Hopefully they'll be popping up in stores soon!

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  • Story: A Lick Amiss

    beach selfie!

    Author: broken halleluiah
    Description: Connie is sick. Steven can't stand to watch her suffer. Pearl gets a lot of phone calls. 
    A Lick Amiss