• Music: A Symphonic Metal Tribute To Steven Universe

    SU has some pretty epic music and when you take epic music through another layer of epic musicians you end up with one really badass track!

    Check on after the break for a huge 16 minute metal tribute to the music of Steven Universe! It might be a bit old at this point, but it would be injustice not to feature it.

  • Comic: Foe Gemstones / Prison Problem / Sword Training

    So that's how it's done! I guess when you're technically jobless you do what you have to do, right?

    Comics guys, the last one might be a bit spoilerish so be careful! Click for full!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Nightly Discussion #3

    Amethyst is one cool Gem, but has one heck of a dark backstory it seems. I wonder what else we'll learn about Amethyst and the rest of the Gems as time goes on?

    Evening everyone! Ready for some chatting? Don't worry too much about the lack of activity now, just got to give it time!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Keep Beach City Weird!

    It's that time again for an official Steven Universe Tumblr feature! Yesterday, I featured the Crewniverse (click for the post I made on them) and today I'll be featuring the Keep Beach City Weird blog. Now as viewers of the show know, this blog was the brainchild of Beach City residence Ronaldo Fryman, but did you know it's actually an official blog as well? Yup! The people over there working on SU have taken it upon themselves to make Ronaldo's blog a reality, and everything on it is told from his perspective. I personally find it a very amusing blog, and you might as well!

    More on what can be found on the blog , and the blog itself, after the break!

  • Drawing Things Out #1

    Welcome everyone to our very first art compilation, a new series we're calling Drawing Things Out! Much like the Drawfriends over on EqD, we hope to bring you a collection of great pics from the SU fandom in each and every edition!

    They might not be daily but the more art people send in to us and the more the community produces they will become more and more frequent!

    Now, on to the art!

    Source 1

  • DBZ Abridged Crossed With SU Equals Madness

    What happens when you cross two popular TV shows and a famous abridged series? Something surprisingly great and insane of course!

    Taking audio from the famous Dragon Ball Z Abridged series and combining it with SU actually seems to fit pretty well.

    Check on after the break for the playlist!

  • AMV: Dance Apocalyptic

    This is an awesome AMV with an upbeat song! The editing is fantastic, and the song is catchy. Speaking of catchy, catch the AMV after the break!

  • Some Other Steven Universe Communities!

    We're hardly the only SU community out there, we're the new kids on the block and there are a number of communities out there full of activity! I've already gotten a few emails pointing out some of these communities and I thought I'd share them with you today!

    We've got places for people with Gemsonas, to relax and talk about the show and a lovely forum community looking for more friends to visit. You can check them all out below!

    If you do have another community, Facebook group, ect to share with us feel free to send them in! They are perfect for Roundups and is a good way for the community to connect.

    SU subreddit - A large community of SU fans sharing fan works, theories, and so much more in one cozy little community.

    Gemsona - A subreddit for those who like to talk about and share their own Gemsonas, so if you've got one make sure to pay this one a visit!

    Cosmic Gem Warriors - A small forum community looking for friends! Tons of areas for discussion, art, and even RPing! Check it out!

    /co/ (Mature Warning) - /co/ over on 4chan also talks about the show from time to time so pay them a visit! Just fair warning, it can get a bit more mature over there at times.

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Comic: From the Mirror / They're Holding You Back

    I'm sure it can get pretty uplifting that after living in a mirror for a couple thousand years you look up to find a smiling Steven face looking at you and making fart noises.

    Just a warning this comic contains spoilers for the upcoming Steven Bomb, you have been warned. They are indeed holding you back Steven, haven't we already been through this in Tiger Millionaire?

    Deviantart: Mynder

  • Steven Bomb 2 starts tomorrow!

    Hey all you Steven fans! #StevenBomb starts tomorrow, with brand new episodes of Steven Universe every weekday! And according to the crewniverse, it looks like the episodes are themed around different characters.

    Check after the break for some official teaser images!

  • Steven Bomb Promo Now in HD!

    We posted a blurry version of it yesterday, but today we've gotten hold of an HD version of the Steven Universe promo for this coming week! You guys excited? Because we certainly are!

    Check on after the break for the promo!

  • Story: Backstage Protection

    I am LAPIS LAZULI  And you can’t keep me trapped here ANYMORE!
    [Adventure] [Shipping]

    Author: TeamChaosPrez
    Description: Lapis Lazuli had not realized it, but she had gained a whole new mission when she decided to side with the Homeworld gems; to protect Steven Universe. {Takes place after Jail Break. Lapidot. Cover by gracekraft.}
    Backstage Protection