• Nightly Discussion #192

    How's everyone's night going? Last night's discussion was kind of a dud. I bet a lot of people are out celebrating the holidays and on vacations and stuff. It was Saturday night, after all. Let's hope tonight's chat is more lively!

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  • Drawing Things Out #184

    Hello all! Welcome to another exciting art post! Hope you're ready for all the awesome art pieces!

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  • AMV: How Far We've Come

    Good evening! This is a great song for an SU AMV. The pacing was done super well for this video as well. Check it out, after the break!

  • Steven Universe From Polymer Clay!

    For anyone experienced with arts and crafts, this is a great tutorial! The finished product looks amazing! Grab some clay and sculpt along!

  • Gmod STEVEN UNIVERSE Mod! (Garry's Mod)

    Watch the VenturianTale team play around in Garry's Mod with a Steven Universe mod! There's a download link in the description, so you can access the mod too!

  • SU Cosplay Performance from Otaku Matsuri

    This awesome cosplay group performed various scenes from the show, live on stage! This was a really cool performance, and the editing of scenes together was an interesting twist. Be sure to check out the recording of the display, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: Steven's Age

    With an episode titled 'Steven's Birthday' upcoming, this will be the second birthday that Steven has had on screen. Some fans have questions about Steven's age, especially based on what we learned in 'So Many Birthdays' - Steven can age himself up or down at will. While this still isn't a refined power, it does still raise questions about how fast he's been shown to grow in show, as well as other questions. Check out the theory, after the break!

  • Comic: Friend / Better / I'm Right Here / Steven's Healing Fountain

    Aww yeah, it's Pearl time! Click for full view of these comic features Pearl!

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  • Animation: Steven Grumpiverse - Sexy Widdle Peridot

    What is it with SU fans and dubbing Game Grumps scenes over SU footage or original animation? It's such an odd crossover that seems to pop up a lot.

  • Story: The Snow Keeps Falling

    Aw man, my first SU fan art and it’s a sad Pearl. D’:

    Author: The_PalletShipping_Ninja
    Description: Pearl hates Christmas. She's a real Scrooge about it.
    Okay, maybe it isn't Christmas she hates, but the feelings it brings. The same corny Christmas songs are blaring out every time she goes grocery shopping, reds and whites and greens are everywhere, snow blankets the ground and most infuriating of all, everyone is smiling. All they do is smile, and laugh, sing and dance and parade around with their loved ones.
    Yes, Pearl can't fathom why everyone is so damn happy this time of year.
    (Pearl is depressed, Rose is dead, and Steven is nearly three years old.)
    The Snow Keeps Falling