• Get Pearl for Your Desktop

    For those of you in the pony fandom you might remember the Desktop Ponies, right? Well, it looks like you can get something similar for your desktop in the form of a Pearl Shimeji!

    With five different outfits and various animated interactions it's a cute little thing to try out at the very least and maybe more characters and actions will be added in the future.

    Check out the page below for the download link!

    Desktop Pearl


    • You'll need Java Runtime Environment to open .jar files. Get it from Java here.
    • Next, open the .jar file in the folder once you extract it.
    • Select the outfits you want and click the appropriate button.
    • Then just run the .exe in the folder.
    • You'll need to run the .jar file each time you want Pearls on your Desktop.
    • To end, just find the program in your desktop tray and right click it for options.
    • Have fun!

    Twitter: Calpain