• Episode Followup: Super Watermelon Island / Gem Drill

    Ahh, sounds like a nice calm visit to Super Watermelon Island before all the gems finally finish their Gem Drill and prepare to deal with the Cluster, right? After all, In Too Deep is four weeks long, they wouldn't tackle the big major plot points the show has been building up to for like a year on the first day, right? WRONG. STRAP IN, WE'RE GOING IN TOO DEEP!

    I mean, we should've known going in that In Too Deep was going to be intense. They released this crazy trailer and everything! But how were we to know that the only clips in the trailer not from Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill were the ones from the last Stevenbomb?

    "If you could only know..."
    So now that we're warned, let's head in.

    Aww, they haven't added Peridot to the title sequence yet! Hasn't she earned it by now?

    We start out with a sequence that may be sort of a homage to the beginning of Lost. Eyes open on a view of the sky from a dazed and confused protagonist lying on his back. He slowly gets his bearings and wits about himself, and then a dog shows up.

    Well I say "dog," but this is clearly a new Pokémon from the Alola region. Maybe it's called "Dogelon."

    Wow! I think the Crewniverse outdid themselves with the design work that went into this Watermelon settlement. We start off with a fantastic version of the watermelon theme, and then we encounter more Pokémon!

    These are adorable! Maybe they're called "Fruichick"?

    And they've got a Horseedless pulling the cart. Somebody stop me!

    Also does anyone else find the fact that they grow their own children in a garden both cute and creepy? Is it just me? The Watermelon Stevens will always be just on the border of adorable and unsettling for me I suppose.

    And then this creepy/adorable ritual happens. Nose goes to the cliff!

    Ahh, it's a beautiful day on this island. I would go here on a vacation. What could possibly go wrong?

    OOH MALACHITE'S BACK! OOH SHE'S MAD! Ooh that little watermelon doesn't stand a chance.

    Meanwhile, Peridot has created a motivational drawing to inspire the gems.

    Amethyst adorably caught off-guard with a mouthful of food. Oh purple one, you are my spirit animal. Er, mineral.

    "I was on Mask Island! I was in a Watermelon Steven! They have a lovely community..."
    Steven, that "lovely community" just tried to ritualistically sacrifice you! I guess it's true that Steven always sees the best in people.

    "To the nearest warp pad!"
    They had a warp pad near the barn this whole time? I figured the barn was at least a few-hour walk from Beach City. Why stay out at the barn when they could easily warp back to the temple at any time? I dunno, it's not much of a plot hole, but I feel cheated somehow.

    "This way, I can help them and stay safe at the same time!"
    True, you'll be safe, but what about the poor Watermelon Steven you're controlling? Hmm, maybe Steven's not as ok with the ritual sacrifice as I thought!

    A wild Malachite appears! Epic fight time!

    Alexandrite, I choose you! This dance is beautiful by the way. All three of them are doing their own thing, but then it synchronizes so well.

    Whoa, Alexandrite can breathe fire! It's a handy trick, especially given the ice powers that Malachite seems to have, but I wonder if the fire breath is exclusive to Alexandrite...

    I love seeing Alexandrite use Opal's bow. The extra pair of hands is helping too! The left hand is helping to draw back the bow, and the right hand is rooting for the arrow.

    Y'know I've never quite understood Jasper's strategy of hurling herself face-first at the enemy.

    Yikes! Ok, I guess the skull-bash strategy works, then! More power to her.

    And Sadie finally gets her wish. RIP nearest warp pad.

    Though the Watermelon Stevens are largely non-verbal through the entire episode, it looks like they can speak and be understood! Maybe it only works with rallying speeches.

    Aww look at that cute, creepy little army. All in all, not a bad plan. We saw how well the Watermelon Steven did against the Crystal Gems the first time...

    Oh, and the female-dressed watermelon of the happy couple we saw at the beginning is the one going to battle! Steven Universe always makes time to remind us that traditional gender roles need not apply.

    "There's something on your face!"

    "Keep it together..."
    Ohhh, that's why they called it tha- hey, no wait! Wrong episode, Alexandrite!

    I love how Malachite stops here to watch the cute watermelon army try to attack her. This made her day.

    From amused to annoyed in 2 seconds flat.

    "There's something in your eye!"

    I gotta give the Watermelon Stevens props for being able to trip a slow-moving creature that normally walks on four legs.

    "What is THIS? You think you can hold me down? Nobody can! Not anymore."
    Poor Watermelon Stevens. It was going so well! Hopefully they bought enough time...

    Alexandrite used Bind!

    Yeowch! That looks like it hurt!

    Yes, yes it did! Jasper and Lapis will be feeling that blow for weeks!

    Alexandrite used Smash!

    "You two should spend some time apart."
    Alexandrite used Gem Missile!

    Ooh, pretty.

    It's Super Effective!

    MFW I forget to spit out my gum while I'm touring the chocolate factory

    Foe Malachite fainted! And hey everyone, Jasper and Lapis are back! Hi Jasper! Hi Lapis!

    Coming home after a long day.

    Ok, not the most graceful un-fusion, but it's still better than last time. Ok Crystal Gems, you've got Jasper right where you want her! Tie her up, bubble her, do SOMETHING before she gets away!

    Whoops, earthquake! Nice save, Amethyst!

    And Pearl... uh.... you missed, Pearl, go...

    Whoops. Oh well, uh... problem solved? Bye Jasper! 

    Well, that was brief. Seriously, Jasper only lasted 50 seconds in the episode before falling into a bottomless pit.

    Hello, 9-1-1? I think the fandom is on fire (Warning: LOUD)

    "You got this dude! You know the drill." "Be careful, Steven! Watch each other's backs!" "Steven? We love you."
    And even though it's Steven losing consciousness, we still get our star iris shot to close out the episode.

    Well, that was an amazing episode! Looks like we won't have to worry about Jasper for the immediate future and the gems can concentrate on Lapis Lazuli. Though I guess she already flew home once... she doesn't have to stick around if she doesn't want to.

    Hmm, I feel like I'm forgetting something though.


    "Am I the only one who understands the meaning of teamwork?!"
    Welcome to Gem Drill, where Peridot wins all the Best Face competitions.

    Peridot's "Are You Ready?" face is on point.

    So is Steven's "I Am Not Ready" face.

    "We have a drill. We're going to drill."
    Peridot also gets almost all the badass lines this episode.

    "Get ready. We're about to penetrate the Asthenosphere!"
    The Asthenosphere, or as this fandom may take to calling it, "Literal Gem Egg Hell"

    "That's superheated Peridotite... It's made of the same stuff as Peridots."
    Peridot is just so chill watching the molten chunks of her flow by.

    Oh hey, they found Jasper!

    Aww, it's just these things. Probably a good thing they didn't bring Garnet along then.

    Peridot, why is your control panel in Russian?

    Steven instinctively knows how to hold an N64 controller. This kid doesn't mess around.

    "Something doesn't feel right about this." "Then use the D-pad."
    Peridot! Don't you know that the D-pad on the N64 controller was mostly ornamental? Steven, tell her!

    Oooh, pretty.

    Why are some of the deadliest things so beautiful?

    Oh wow, it must be inside a giant geode! This is the best gem egg ever!

    "Steven, I'm sorry I couldn't save you or the billions of other lifeforms that matter far, far less to me!"
    Aww, thanks for the sentiment Peridot.

    "I love you, Peridot!"
    Welp.  Please don't read too much into that one, folks!

    Peridot just realized what some of you might be thinking.

    "It doesn't matter if it knows what it's doing. It's still going to do it."
    That line gives me chills. I love it.

    Guys, I just had the best idea for an album cover.

    Let the Best-Face-Off begin!

    Don't freak out, Steven! Just stare at the floor! Look, it's got 8s on it!

    "What we really are..."
    Wuh-oh. This can't be good!

    "What we really are..."
    Run! It's Marley's ghost!

    Wait, Steven, watch out, you're going to ruin Peridot's....

    ...or make it better!

    So is his gem reacting because he's a Crystal Gem, as is most of the Cluster, or is his gem reacting because it's Rose Quartz? Is it because of his mind-jump powers that he just demonstrated with his Watermelon Stevens, or is it entirely Rose's empathy for her fallen allies?

    "What we really are..."
    Ok, everyone has my written permission to freak out. This is horrifying!

    "I want to..."
    I want to know more about these shards! Who were they? Is there any hope of fixing them? I hope we learn more soon!

    "I'm talking to the Cluster?!"
    Yes Steven, you're also floating in a most peculiar way.

    "I can bubble you! I can bubble you! I can bubble you!"
    Uh yeah Steven I admire your optimism but this isn't going to work...

    "Well, that's 5... out of- oh geez."
    It's ok Steven, I'm sure you'll think of something!

    Guys, I just had the best idea for the album's CD label!

    "They're bubbling each other!"
    Well golly-gee Steven, you done did it! I'm just gonna keep posting these images because the Cluster is so pretty!

    Guys! I just had the best idea for the back of the album's cover!

    "You did it!" "We did it together!"
    Ahh, happy Peridot is best Peridot.

    They do have a warp pad right near the barn! They were holding out on us the whole time! Can they move these things to where they need them, or has it always been there?

    "Garnet! Is Lapis going to have any lines this episode?"

    And we leave with this shot of your next desktop wallpaper.

    Wow, that was amazing! They solved everything in the first two episodes! What's left to do for the rest of In Too Deep?

    Probably a lot.

    Tune in next week to find out!