• It's Crewniverse My Dudes: Ian Jones Quartey

    On today's spotlight, we shine down on the talented Ian Jones Quartey (or Ian JQ for short)! Check it out below the cut!
    Much of Ian's early personal life is unknown, but while studying at the School of Visual Arts, he would meet his future creative partner and girlfriend Rebecca Sugar, and they have been happily together for eight years.

    His earliest known work was his webcomic, RPG World, which ran from 2000 until 2007, when he became an art and animation director on The Venture Bros.
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    He briefly worked on a children's show, Supernormal, in 2007 as an animation director, then left The Venture Bros. to accept a job as a storyboard revisionist on Adventure Time. He worked on the show until 2013, leaving with Rebecca to help her develop what would become Steven Universe.

    Working as a creative developer on the show, he covered many of the bases, working as a producer, writer, director, voice actor, and storyboard artist.
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    Inbetween the time working on Adventure Time, and then on this show (as if that wasn't enough), he also developed a short original cartoon, Lakewood Plaza Turbo, which would become the pilot for his newest show, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, which is premiering this summer!

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    Ian has also lent his voice to the above mentioned show, but his most notable voice credit is Wallow from Bravest Warriors!
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    Keep up the good work Ian!