• Nightly Discussion #34

    One more episode of the Steven Bomb tomorrow. Hrm, today's episode was pretty tame, and yesterday's was weird but not super feelsy. Don't let Sugar lull you into a false sense of security! Thursday is always a doozy! So, what do you think is going to happen in Friend Ship?

    Twitter: Emerald
  • 'Enticement' and 'Reconciliation' Tracks Now Uploaded!

    The official tracks for the Sardonyx fusion dance, titled 'Enticement', and the track from when Ruby and Sapphire make up in 'Keystone Motel', called 'Reconciliation', have both been uploaded by Aivi & Surasshu! Listen to both, after the break!

  • Drawing Things Out #28

    It's hard to keep up with all the cool art coming out because of the Steven Bomb! What do you think, are art posts a good size at 30-40 pictures, or should we do 50-60 or more per art post?

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  • AMV: Power of Two

    Check out this really cute Ruby and Sapphire AMV below, in celebration of the recent episode Keystone Motel!

  • Steven Universe Nominated for an Emmy Award!

    The Crewniverse is up for an Emmy under the category of Outstanding Special Class Short format Animated Program. What an amazing achievement! Go wish the Crewniverse and Rebecca Sugar a big congrats on Twitter! And don't forget to keep watching the show on TV. Views from streams don't help; watching live helps CN know SU continues to be popular!


    Twitter: Emerald
  • Historical Friction - Episode Discussion/Streams

    “The hardest part was getting the shark to pose.”

    Head back in time with us to a bygone age of pirates! Or whatever this episode is about. Man I hope it's pirates. Normally I'd also go for sharks, but sharks are sooooo last week.

    Steven Bomb 3.0.4 is about to make history! Streams and episode uploads will be after the break as they appear. Discuss your theories about the upcoming episode in the comments, and the episode itself once it airs.

  • Episode Followup: Onion Friend

    We're halfway there guys! Three episodes down, two to go. Today we look over Onion Friend!....... Hoo boy this is gonna get weird.

    What? Haven't seen the episode yet? You should really fix that.
  • Steven Universe Unofficial Trailer

    This is a really cool trailer someone put together for SU. It feels a bit lengthy to me, but it definitely keeps up the pace. Maybe use it to get your friends interested in watching!

  • Story: Resurgence

     Nepheline: From a Latin word meaning "cloud" because it becomes cloudy when immersed in acid.

    Author: Nobody's Requiem
    Description: An old threat emerges from the Crystal Gems' past, and Steven gets grounded (again). With a threat this big, it'll take a whole lot of hot dogs to make this porkchop perfect again.

  • Synopsises for Three Upcoming Episodes!

    Remember those three new titles we posted recently? Looks like synopses have popped up for them. Check them out, after the break!