• Episode Followup: Onion Friend

    We're halfway there guys! Three episodes down, two to go. Today we look over Onion Friend!....... Hoo boy this is gonna get weird.

    What? Haven't seen the episode yet? You should really fix that.

     Not even ten seconds in and the Sugar woman is reminding me that I haven't yet eaten today as I type this. WORK COMES BEFORE FOOD, YA HEAR? Though now I really wanna try this. Looks tasty.

    Amethyst emerges from her room and is showing the effects of the current household situation. Garnet and Pearl not talking to each other has an effect on more than just them, let us not forget just yesterday how Ruby and Sapphire's fight made Steven feel. 

     Onion....... lurking in the cupboard.... you will never cease to be creepy will you Onion?

    Chasing Onion down for his precious Chaaaaaps has left Steven in a rather awkward predicament. He comes into a garage loaded up with paintings of Amethyst. Yeah.... that's not weird.  

     "Who's in there?! Now I dunno how you got passed that tarp but this is private property!"
     Holy crap is that a GUN? I honestly didn't think kid's shows could get away with showing guns nowadays. Also, a tarp isn't the best method to keeping someone off of your property.... I guess that's what the gun's for then?

    So as it turns out, this onion haired character turns out to be Vidalia. She's the one responsible for all these Amethyst paintings as well. I guess we know who made the Rose painting that's currently in the house.  

    Look at that little Amethyst gettin' her hair curled like big mama Rose. That's so cute. Though the picture on the right is what I find really interesting. In case we all forgot, in the episode "Story for Steven" from a while back, we met this younger version of Vidalia when her and Marty emerged from Greg's van together. CONTINUITY!

    Fun fact of the day for you all, vidalia is actually a type of onion. So we got a mama named a type of onion, and then a child who's just a straight up onion. The naming in this family is original.

    So it turns out Vidalia is married to Yellowtail, ya know, that fisherman we saw Onion talking to back in "Onion Trade"? So now we've got a very interesting family dynamic. Sour Cream, our cool kid DJ friend, isn't related to Yellowtail, but is to Vidalia. Now if you consider this, it would appear that Sour Cream was an "accident" of a one night stand Vidalia had with Marty all those years ago in "Story for Steven." Wow Sugar woman, you throwing in realistic life circumstances to a show about sentient space rocks?...... I'm okay with this.

    Onion you will NEVER cease to be creepy will you?

     I swear this episode is going to end in tradegy at this rate.

    What horrid things do you hide in this room Onion? I'm already scared by those beat up teddy bears in the corner. One's had it's chest sliced open, and the other is just straight up missing the rest of its body. 

     "You... want me to feed our little friend to this snake, huh?"
    Being the person I am, I honestly don't find having a pet snake all that weird. However, expecting Steven to feed a mousie to a snake? This is Steven we're talking about here, it ain't happening.

     "Is this you BEING BORN?!"
    Good lord Onion, I didn't think you could get any creepier. But I guess we all made judgments to stand corrected about them later right? Don't worry Steven, I can't take much more of this either. 

     What's that? A secret entrance to some unknown place that Onion wants you to go through? YOU JUST GOTTA KNOW WHEN TO BAIL STEVEN.

     So after nope-ing outta there faster than a bullet, Steven stumbles into Amethyst talking with Vidalia. She's really feeling the effects of the environment at the Temple, stating how she feels trapped in her own home. Poor Amethyst and Steven are caught in the middle of a very serious argument between Pearl and Garnet.

    Deciding that Amethyst needs the time with Vidalia, Steven goes back up to see whatever it is that Onion is trying to show him in this strange tunnel into no where. Be careful Steven, Onion's EVIL.

    Or is he? This secret room is almost serene almost, and the incredibly calming music in the background just pushes that tranquil feeling. I imagine that picture of little baby Onion is something his mom made him. This room is special to Onion isn't it?

    "W-how. I've never seen this red variant of Ninja Guy before!"
    In his little chest, Onion has stored not only his massive collection of Guys, but his collection of Gals as well. Steven certainly wasn't expecting something so... normal from Onion such as Guy collecting. He seems to have quite an impressive collection as well given how Steven reacts to it.

    And with a very normal showing of kindness Onion gives his Explorer Gal to Steven as a sign of friendship. Onion's really not that bad after all is he?

    With the day drawing to a close everyone seems pretty happy. Amethyst has talked about some of her issues with a friend, and I think Steven and Onion have gotten closer together? It's hard to say with those two, though now we know Onion isn't totally creepy as well.

    I take that back KILL IT WITH FIRE!

    And with that we cover StevenBomb 3.3! Today's episode is Historical Friction, which all I know about it is that there's Jamie, a play, and some kind of history lesson. Though based on that title alone I feel like things are gonna go poorly...... Here's to hoping it's not too bad. 

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