• It's Crewniverse My Dudes: Rebecca Sugar

    Hillo here, presenting what I hope will be an ongoing series spotlighting the different members of crewniverse. We've been highlighting the voices behind the characters, so let's now highlight the people behind the show! What better than to start with the creator herself? Let's take a look below the cut.

     Rebecca Rea Sugar was born in Silver Spring Maryland, in the Sligo Park Hills area. She attended two high schools at once:  Montgomery Blair High School and the Visual Arts Center at Albert Einstein High School (where she was an arts semifinalist in the Presidential Scholar competition).

    Already off to an amazing start art-wise, Sugar went on to attend the School of Visual Arts in New York. While attending SVA, she created her student film, Singles.

    While at SVA, she also met her current boyfriend Ian Jones-Quartey, who also helped her develop Steven Universe.

    Following her graduation from school, Rebecca was hired as a storyboard revisionist for the first season of Pendelton Ward's Adventure Time, but was quickly promoted to a full on storyboard artist due to the quality of her work.

    She boarded on the show until season 5, when she left to focus on the production of what was to become Steven Universe. Her final episode of the series was Simon and Marcy.

    Surprisingly, the series is currently Rebecca's singular storyboarding credit for television besides Steven Universe.

    Her sole feature credit is for her storyboarding work on Hotel Transylvania in 2012.

    Other than her work in animation, Rebecca is also a comic writer, creating the sci-fi series Pug Davis in 2010.
    Here's a sample page of the comic. See if you can spot the cameo of a Steven Universe character's very early design!

    Along with the series, she also created a one-off comic utilizing Simpson's quotes in a way that will make you bawl instead of laugh: Don't Cry for Me I'm Already Dead

    The rest of this comic can be read here

    Rebecca is also a lovely singer and composer, creating a large chunk of the music on her show, and even returned to Adventure Time to write the song 'Everything Stays' even having a voice cameo on the show as Marceline's (probably long dead) mother.

    And that's a wrap!! Keep an eye out for Rebecca's work beyond Steven Universe, and check out her work on her Tumblr.