• Nightly Discussion #123

    A-B-C! Easy as 1-2-3! Yep, it's Nightly Discussion #123! Who do you hope sings in the show that hasn't yet? We've heard all the Crystal Gems sing, most obviously Steven. But we haven't heard any of the Homeworld Gems belt out a tune! Heck, even Greg has had numerous songs. Do you think we'll ever get to hear a lullaby from Lapis? Or a catchy villainous melody from Yellow Diamond? What do you think? Who do you want to sing? Enjoy tonight's discussion!

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  • Drawing Things Out #116

    With inktober in full swing, there seems to be an influx of traditional art! I hope you enjoy tonight's art post, and inktober!

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  • Tumblr Spotlight: Forgotten Gems

    One of the creators of Forgotten Gems sent over their super cool OC blog! It follows the adventures of Topaz and Malachite (see the First page below), through art, stories, and even real world adventures. Seriously, the creators (Ambear and Sean) even made dolls of their characters and take them out exploring. Now that's dedication! The blog has been running since March, and it's still going strong 7 months later! Scroll through the blog to check out the art that's been posted so far, check out this page specifically for the written bits, and be sure to go drop the Forgotten Gems an ask!

    Forgotten Gems - Current Page - First Page

    We'd love to hear from you guys about other tumblrs out there dedicated to the SU universe, whether it be OCs, characters from the show, alternate universes or what have you. If you have a tumblr to share send it to beachcitybugle@gmail.com for review. Remember, no pornographic material or extreme gore, keep submissions as PG-13 or below as possible.

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  • We Are The Crystal Gems (Ska Instrumental)

    Ben Levin put together a ska instrumental mix of the theme song. It's really cool, so give it a listen, after the break!

  • Fan Theory: The Secret Moon Warp

    scampy is back with another super cool SU theory! This one has some evidence to support it, and so far, none actually against it. This theory, while still very speculative, is just plausible enough to actually be true. Check out the latest fan theory, after the break!

  • Peridot in the Rain Track Uploaded!

    aivi & surasshu are back with the Peridot in the Rain song from 'When It Rains'! Listen to their amazing composition, after the break!

  • AMV: State of my Head

    This is WickedGeek's first SU AMV. It's very fluid, the song is fitting, and the editing is awesome! Be sure to check out this super cool AMV, after the break!

  • Comic: Boats and Birds / Painting Contest

    I know, I know, ONLY two comics? These were both great though, and a bit longer than most. Check them both out!

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  • Animation: Peridot's Famly

    Hope you are as entertained by this animation as I was! The lip syncing is pretty well done, and the redrawn character designs are... interesting. The chosen dialogue is also curious, but be sure to check this one out, after the break!

  • Story: DIARIE OF A MANNE AMONG ROCKE: The Annals of William Dewey

     "Captain William Dewey" is the great-great-great-great-grandfather of Mayor Bill Dewey, as well as the founder of Beach City.
    [Adventure] [Shipping]

    Author: TrekFaerie
    Description: Excerpts from the personal records of Beach City founder William Dewey-- and then what actually happened.
    DIARIE OF A MANNE AMONG ROCKE: The Annals of William Dewey