• Fan Theory: Pink Diamond's Gem

    What does this image have to tell us about Pink Diamond's Gem? If this theory is correct, it could have clues to the identity of Pink Diamond herself! Check it out after the break.

    Ok, I'll cut to the chase. The White diamond is positioned at the top of the symbol. White Diamond's gem is on her forehead

    The Yellow and Blue diamond are on the same level. Yellow and Blue Diamond have their gems on their chests

     The Pink diamond is on the bottom. This means Pink Diamond's gem must be...


    Now, more contemporary versions of the Diamond Authority logo leave out Pink Diamond, as seen here:

    This theory states that Pink Diamond, while NOT Rose Quartz (Rose's gem is on her belly), DID get excommunicated from the Diamond Authority. However, she probably wasn't removed because of what happened on Earth. No, we envision it going more like this:

    Recording started. Hear ye, hear ye. Diamond Authority Council Meeting 1 8 9942 is now in session.
    Let the record show that Pink Diamond is late again.
    Patience, Yellow. She's always running a little behind.
    That's not funny.
    Let the record show that Pink Diamond has entered chambers.
    Glad you could finally show up, Butt Diamond.
    Hey guys! Sorry I'm late, I had to park really far away.
    Nothing to worry about, Pink Diamond. Please, have a seat.
    I'll stay standing, if you don't mind.
    Oh, right.
    So what'd I miss? Anything juicy? Did we name that new planet in Sector Q? I'm thinking "Dirtball."
    No, Pink. We called this meeting about you, dear.
    Specifically your terrible space ship.
    There have been... complaints.
    It's unbecoming of a Diamond, if you ask me.
    I don't get it, you guys! Yellow is allowed to have a hand ship!
    How DARE you compare my hand ship to your BUTT ship!
    I fail to see the difference.
    Hands are elegant and complex machines, darling. The uh... the posterior is... one of the more... undesirable parts of the body.
    I know a planet of people that'd disagree with you on that.
    We have foot ships available if you really desire a body part.
    Nuh uh, I don't want a foot ship. My gem isn't on my feet!
    My gem isn't on my hand either, you dense clod!
    Yellow, please!
    You're just mad 'cause your ship isn't modeled after your best asset.
    Seriously, Yellow, you must mind your temper. Pink is a Diamond, you cannot treat her like a worthless underling.
    "Asset," get it? 'Cause it's an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...