• Nightly Discussion #556

    Merry Christmas! Sorry, the Steven Universe doesn't celebrate any specific holidays. Kind of interesting in that way. I guess maybe the aliens came in and gunked up religion so holidays were never created. And I don't just mean the Christian religion, holidays such as Halloween have a Pagan origin. And with things like Hanukkah, that also has to do with God/Jesus, so if Christian holidays are out it follows that other holidays involving the same deity would too. Anyway, we here at BCB hope everyone had and is having a great holiday!

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  • Meep Morp #543

    A very happy holidays, and enjoy some meep morps!

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  • Music: Christmas On Earth (Original)

    Wowee, it's an original SU song! Don't see those all that often! Sparkle Chord put together this amazing and original tune. It is seriously amazing. Celebrate the holiday today with a little extra Christmas cheer from Steven and the gang!

  • Fan Theory: Pink Diamond Voice by Rebecca Sugar & Pink Diamond Not Evil?!

    The theories keep coming and they don't stop coming! Here's a not often explored one though. What if Pink Diamond wasn't evil, but she knew what she had to do to stop Homeworld? What if the task of shattering her was assigned to Rose Quartz... who had no choice but to obey the last order of her Diamond?

  • Animation: Merry Christmas

    Well, that thumbnail is adorable! I'm sure this animation will be just as cute!

  • Hey, It's That Voice! #20: Charlyne Yi

    Hello and welcome back to a Christmas-y edition of "Hey, It's That Voice!" Today, we will be looking at the eternal flame, and all the other Rubies!
  • Fan Theory: Lion is Pink Diamond and Pink Diamond Was Shattered!

    So if Pink Diamond was shattered, just what exactly happened to her remains? Were they completely destroyed? Did they become part of the cluster? Were they hidden away? Or has she always been right in front of us?

  • Fan Theory: What Steven's Dream Will Show Us!

    So Steven has entered both a gem and human mind using his dream powers. He also went inside the cluster, which is the host for millions of gem shards. But what about a corrupted gem? What could that be like? Is it even possible? And is that what Steven's power will be used for next?

  • Oh Look! It's Holiday Matsuri 2016!

    Garnet and Pearl Amethyst take us on a tour of Holiday Matsuri, a super cool convention that happened last weekend! Join them as they tour the con, meeting up with cosplayers (several great SU ones included!) along the way!

  • Story: Santa Clods

    [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: LetsGetNonCanon
    Description: Snow is falling, bells are ringing, lights are shining and people are cheering. It's Christmas time! Even if it is a bit of a weird place, Beach City celebrates the holidays as well. Of course, Peridot makes it her mission to get Amethyst the perfect present, and vice versa. Who's present will come out on top? Will Peridot learn the true meaning of Christmas? Will there be a cheesy mistletoe scene at the end? (Probably, but that's besides the point). Let's find out!
    Santa Clods