• Dewey Wins / Gemcation - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Your long wait is over, my friends! New episodes of Steven Universe are on the air on the internet today! I know they all seem to be dropping at once, but let's limit our focus today on the first pair of episodes this season.

    Dewey Wins gives the ending away in the title, but the ending isn't important. It's the journey. And the journey is to Empire City to take part in a game show! Certainly his arcane knowledge about obscure B-movies will come in handy in this televised trivia contest. As long as he avoids the really good opponents and the absolutely awful answers, he could win the grand prize!

    And what is the grand prize, you might ask? Well it's an all-expenses-paid ocean cruise! Of course he'll take Buck. And Buck's friends, the Cool Kids. And Steven too, probably. And if he brings Steven, well by golly the gems would have to come too! It's a Gemcation! Are you ready for an episode full of awkward scenes between Pearl and Mayor Dewey? Do you think she's going to spend the entire voyage holed up in her cabin? I hope they don't end up in a cliché shipwreck on a certain desert island!

    This ship sets sail at 7 PM ET/PT on the Cartoon Network App! I guess that's how we're getting new episodes now. Live TV is soooo last-decade.

    And yes, I know there's more episodes out than just these two. We'll get to those tomorrow. For now, just so everyone can keep up with the giant ball of episodes that's just rolled over us, please only discuss Dewey Wins and Gemcation in the comments.

    Oh and we've got video-on-demand streams and downloads after the break.

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