• Episode Followup: Chille Tid

    The Steven Bomb is over, and I know how you’re all feeling!
    I guess the first thing we need to address before we begin is the meaning of the episode title. Chille Tid is an anagram for "chill tide", as well as meaning "chilling time"in Norwegian. Seriously, this is a super clever title! Hopefully that explains it for all of you were still confused. On to the followup!

    So, if Steven dies, does he actually die? I know a lot of people are hoping for an episode where Steven finally retreats into his gem and regenerates just like the others.

    Like Steven has water in his lungs right now and is struggling to breath but the gems just don’t understand dying or not being able to breath under water.

    Also he swallowed a tiny ocotopus!

    Birb mom.

    So the gems can also alter their appearance slightly even when they’re not regenerating. In this case, Garnet adding a life vest to her outfit.

    Square Mom to the rescue!

    I like that this episode shows that while the gems may not require sleep to live, it doesn’t mean they don’t get tired or worn out. They aren’t just all powerful super beings.

    This is how I look when I’m relaxed too.

    Garnet, away! I wonder if Garnet has been secretly separating into Ruby and Sapphire in order to cover more ground in the ocean?

    Slumber companions!

    That’s 70’s sitcom Pearl though, and those mom jeans.

    And starring Garnet as Fonzi.

    Wow, this has been just a chill episode so far. I guess we’re going with something tame to end out the weekend.


    “I like watching you sleep sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean often.”


    So Pearl can create holograms of events that never occurred.

    Notice that Rose looks a little preggers here. Is it because that’s just how Pearl last remembered her, or because she can’t imagine a future without Steven now? I’ll just leave that for you all to debate.

    Greg should just go die in a fire.

    Imagine this being the first dream you ever had in your entire life though.

    Cue Garnet: “‘eeeeyyy!”

    Fandom: Please let Friday’s episode feature Lapis.

    So, we got Peridot, Lapis, AND Jasper this week.

    Now prepare for all the fan theories about Malachite, and whether Lapis and Jasper will ever be their own personalities again.

    Garnet, master of planking.

    So, in conclusion, it feels like the entire fandom wishlist was met this week. That feels crazy unheard of in a show. Most times the creators will just string people along and not give them what they want. But Steven Universe is giving the fandom what they want without pandering. They just KNOW in advance what people are going to want more of, and then we get it. I hope you all had an awesome Steven Bomb 2, and are ready for the Sardonyx Bomb week coming July 13-17.

    Thank you, Rebecca Sugar.

    Twitter: Emerald