• Episode Followup: Rising Tides / Crashing Skies

    Fellow blogger Ronaldo of Keep Beach City Weird gave us a bomb shell yesterday about the TRUTH behind the Crystal Gems! With shocking never before seen footage, expert testimonies and confrontations with the Gems themselves our brave brother took them head on!

    As a blogger myself I feel it is my duty to examine this masterpiece and give you, our loyal readers, a look at proper blogging technique!

    Get all the goods after the break!

    Remember, a stylish but simple logo is essential if you're to be taken seriously as a blogger! I honestly would have used a lens flare or two but...

    We've got that covered in the second production card. Remember, the more production companies and studios behind something the higher the quality of the product. Don't forget it!

    One thing many people forget when making documentaries and blog posts is that you can't have too few special effects! Special effects aren't called special effects for nothing!

    Re-enactments add a depth to the narrative words alone can't muster! It's almost like you were standing right there!

    But it's not just your online presence that you should worry about, it's your offline one as well! Always be stylish and when being filmed have at least two plants and/or a fetching hair style as demonstrated by other prominent experts in the weird and strange!

    In the end it isn't about what sort flair and grandstanding you can muster, if the content is bad it doesn't matter how pretty it is. Ask the hard questions like Ronaldo and you'll get be sure to succeed!

    Sometimes those questions come with consequences! Don't be afraid though, no one can hide the truth once it is revealed. Don't let The Man take you down and silence you!

    And though sometimes the blogger life can get you down and you feel like the world is ending...

    In the end your hard work and skills will pay off and you too can sit back and kick your feet up, basking in the glory of your accomplishment with your head and hat held high!

    While you rest assured that your viewers are pleased as punch!

    So I say, reveal the truth Ronaldo and don't hold back! Your videos will undoubtedly change the -

    Well... Damn.

    We hope you have learned a lot about what it means to be a blogger in today's followup of Rising Tides/Crashing Skies! Let the knowledge you've learned today help foster your own blogs and help set the truth FREE!

    Keep Beach City Weird Everyone...

    Twitter: Calpain