• Discussion: How has Steven Universe impacted you?

    Hey everyone! We here at BCB would like to know more about all of you! How has Steven Universe impacted you? What have you learned from it? Has it actively impacted your life? Is there anything Steven Universe or the Crewniverse have done to inspire you? Let us know in the comments! Emerald is here to share her own story, after the break!

    As someone who has always wanted to be strong in the real way, Coach Steven really spoke to me. When I was in school, I was bullied. Ever since then, I always dreamed of being tough and strong, able to defend myself and others. Even when I’d graduated and school was far behind me, I always wished I could be tougher, bigger, stronger. I knew if I wanted that, I would have to work really hard, exercise, lift weights, build up muscle. It was difficult for me look at people who were tall, or athletic, because I didn’t feel like I could ever be like them, no matter how hard I tried.

    But, ever since I was young, I’d always been smart. I got almost all A’s in school. Even as a kid, my parents barely taught me how to read. They told me one day I just decided to start, and next thing you know I was reading huge novels. I always loved learning, and figuring out the mechanics of things and how they worked. While that was nice, it felt more like a hobby, and that the real goal in life should be to be the biggest and strongest and most powerful person around. I mean, even superheroes are always buff and strong, and they defeat the bad guys by kicking their butts.

    When Coach Steven aired, it immediately became my favorite episode. It spoke to me so deeply. It showed me that even if I’m not the toughest around, no matter how weak I may feel… that doesn’t mean that I’m not strong too. Pearl used her inner strength, her brain, to come up with a plan to defeat someone that was much stronger than she was. It was so inspiring to see the little guy beat the bad guy for once, and not by powering up to become stronger or being saved by someone else.

    Coach Steven made me feel like I mattered, even if I couldn’t beat up every person I saw. It showed me that being smart doesn’t mean I’m weak, it just means I’m strong in a different way. Neither muscles, nor having brains, is the wrong way to be strong. They’re just different ways to be strong, and they’re both perfectly okay. It was such a powerful message to me, and I wish that this show had been around when I was struggling with these things in school.

    But, I’m more glad that kids nowadays will get to have this message. Kids that are like how I was. I made it through, I persevered. Through bullying, and depression, I still came out strong. Stronger than even I knew, until the creators of a simple kids cartoon showed me. Steven Universe has helped me to believe in myself, in my own personal strengths, instead of always trying to be like somebody else. Thank you, Crewniverse, for showing me that all the me I am is all the me I need to be.

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