• Episode Followup: Friend Ship

     That's it everybody! StevenBomb 3.0 has come to a close, and boy what a close it was. I can finally say that an SU episode has made me cry. I concede defeat Sugar woman, I've been had.

    Wait, you STILL haven't seen the episode?! You should really do something about that!

    Starting off an episode with Peridot? Man the Crewniverse ain't messing around anymore, the entire week has been leading up to an eventual confrontation with this green homeworld Gem. 

    "We found a seeeecret way to track you,  and we'll never tell you how, even if you ask nicely. Nyeeeeh!"
    Wow Steven, when did you turn sassy like this? I LIKE IT.

    "Don't you Gems have anything better to do than annoy me?!"
    "Nope, we're gonna-"
    "Prepare to be annoyed!"

    Ooooh boy, seems as if Pearl's desire to do something right after the events of Monday's episode has led her to not only be brash, but almost rude as well.

     "This planet has an expiration date and I'm not gonna stick around to find out when!"
    E-expiration date? Well that certainly doesn't sound good..... seems as if that's something to consider for the future, maybe Homeworld really is planning on coming back. Also this is an introduction to another one of Peridot's abilities, some kind of energy blast? I'm sure you all have a better name for it.

    Even more into what Peridot is capable of! So not only can be blow stuff up as well, she can generate some kind of telekinetic stasis field to trap things in. I guess this ability is what allowed Peridot to fix the Communication Hub huh? It even trapped Pearl, who..... was being brash and allowed herself to get caught in the first place. You're trying too hard Pearl. Though I swear I've seen something like this before, though what could it b-
     Oh right.

     Peridot...... literally what even are you.

    Steven to the rescue as he does his best impression of Captain America! I dunno how much a magical shield hurts but at least he's making use of his lack of a weapon by turning his shield into a frisbee of FACE PAIN.

     And again Pearl's desperation to help has made things worse. She really is trying so hard to fix what she did, though this turn of events is surely not a help in mending her broken relationship with Garnet.....

    "Wow, this is just sad! I almost feel sorry for you. Nyeeeh!"
    Peridot has really changed from what she was like when she was first introduced back in "Warp Tour" hasn't she? Fun little fact for you all, apparently pure peridot gemstone becomes unstable if introduced to Earth's atmosphere, I feel like that might be what's happened here. Also, Peridot once again eludes capture like the little runner she is. How many times has she bailed from a bad situation now?

    "Uuuugh..... isn't there something the two of you might need to talk about....?"
     The awkward is so strong here not even Pearl's spear could cut it. I feel so bad for Amethyst and Steven getting caught between Pearl and Garnet's fight like this.

    Though before anything can happen Pearl's home made tracker picks up on where Peridot's gone to this time. Pearl has really come into her understanding of new Gem tech hasn't she? I feel like it was not too long ago that Pearl was struggling to get a little robonoid knocked out, and now here she is modifying an escape pod to be used as a tracking device. 

     "What we see before us is an ancient, intergalactic planetary Gem vessel. Homeworld Gems used these ships to travel across the cosmos and land here on Earth before the warp pads were built!"
    A brief look into Gem history once again. This ship is MASSIVE, I wonder how many Gems this particular ship carried to Earth before it fell into disrepair like this... I hope this isn't the only time we see it, Gem history is so fascinating to me.

     It seems the Gems have fallen right into Peridot's...... hands? Does she have hands if her fingers aren't even attached to her body? I dunno. Either way Peridot's made use of their tracking her to devise a plan to trap them, and sadly it seems to have worked. Little side note here, can I just say the detail of there being a slight delay in the audio is just the coolest thing ever? That is an awesome note to detail there, especially since these Gem ships are so old.

    Peridot's really keeping it classy isn't she? I counted and she said "DIE" thirteen times, though we all know it's not gonna happen. Steven to the rescue once more with his shield, he's had to do a lot of shield summoning this time around hasn't he?

     "I have to do something! I can't believe I walked us right into Peridot's trap. This is all my-.... fault?"
    Poor Pearl is really feeling the effects of her brashness, taking it out on a hologram even though she knows it won't do any good. This entire week has been a tough one for Pearl, and I can imagine her desire to make up with Garnet is making it all the worse now that Peridot is so close.

     Pearl and Garnet have gotten stuck in a pitfall trap, and it seems like there's no way out either. Steven and Amethyst have to come up with a way to get them out, though it seems the time has come from the confrontation between these two that's been building all week.

     "Please, tell me! How can I make you forgive me?!"
    "You can't! You lied to me! You need to learn there are consequences to your actions!"
    "I'm sorry! I.... I couldn't help myself!"
    With the walls closing in and death seeming imminent, Pearl cracks and finally gets the chance to explain why she did what she did....

     "No matter how hard I try to be strong like you, I'm just a Pearl...... I'm useless on my own, I need someone to tell me what to do...."
    This scene made me cry, I won't even deny it. Pearl has always had an issue with strength, and it's been something we've known about since back in "Coach Steven" when she was dealing with Sugilite. This really makes me believe the theory that Pearl were a low class, service based type of Gem created to fill the roles of servitude. It'd explain why she's not only good with technical things like repairing machines, she has a perfectionist personality and a great liking of doing things such as chores. She really wasn't built to be a fighter, and it's something that haunts her every waking move since all she wants is to be strong like Garnet.... Oh Pearl...

    "When we fuse, I can feel what it's like to be you. Confident, and secure, and complete. You're perfect, you're the perfect relationship. You're always together, I just.... wanted to be a part of that."
    "You're wrong! I'm not as strong as you think! I fell apart over this, Ruby and Sapphire were in turmoil over how you deceived me! I came undone..." 
    It was really hard for me to watch this scene honestly. This was the confrontation they needed, but one I was not emotionally prepared for.

     "It's not easy being in control, I have weaknesses too. But I choose to not let them consume me. I struggle to stay strong because I know the impact I have on everyone. Please understand Pearl, you have an impact too. There are times that I look up to you for strength! You are your own Gem."
    Strength comes in many different shapes and sizes everyone. Pearl may not be the best fighter in the world, but her desire to keep on going despite this and continue fighting for what she believes in is incredibly strong. It's hard to realize this sometimes, but all it can take to fix it is a helpful hand from a friend, and this time, it was Garnet.

     "I understand. I can't give up anymore!
    And with their much needed confrontation comes to a close. Though Garnet still doesn't trust Pearl, the dreadful air that's been hanging over them has finally gone. It'll take time to repair their broken relationship, but at least now they're both on the same footing.

    All it takes to escape is a little Sardonyx magic and apparently a drill made out of her hammer? I'm glad all of that is finally dealt with. Though things certainly aren't the same, I think I could call them better off than before. 

     "This is only the beginning!.... Of my escape."
    Once again Peridot shows her abilities to bail out of a situation once things get rough, and that new ability of hers makes it easy since she can apparently just blast her way out of a situation as well.

     This time though it seems Peridot may not be escaping! A group effort between the Gems has her effectively stuck, and all that's left to do is bring her down to Earth and capture her properly. 

    However, displaying a trait much like a lizard, Peridot blows off her own leg and makes her daring escape. Though it's interesting to see this. What need does a Gem have for a "remove leg from body" button? Do things like this happen often enough that you'd need a button which does that? I dunno, new Gems are weird.

     "Next time, we'll get the rest of her. Right Garnet?"
    "It's a good step forward."
    "Hahaha, foot joke!"
    Peridot's always seemed one step ahead of the Gems, she did a toe-riffic job of escaping despite the odds stacked against her. Something is afoot with all of this, but I know the Gems will always have a leg up on the situation, no matter how bad it is. I'm sorry, should I toen these foot puns down? I couldn't help it, the fandom seems to have been treading lightly on them despite how many there are.

    "Uuuuh...... finally." 
    I feel you Amethyst..... I feel you.

    And with that it all comes to a close! Man what a rollercoaster of emotions that was, I almost couldn't write this article because of HOW MANY FEELS I was suffering. But I did it! StevenBomb 3.0 is done and now we go back to waiting to see how long it'll be before we get to see more of Steven and the Gems. Hope it's not too long....

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