• Episode Followup: Historical Friction

    I'm curious as to how much affect this episode will have later on in the show. As we've learned, there are no filler episodes! Even though there was some good information subtly given, I feel like Historical Friction will become more important later on.

     Oooo, nice outer shot of the temple!

     So Beach City was started 200 years ago. I guess that explains why it's still so small.

     To Dewey-it, or not to Dewey-it!

     That, is the question.

    I am a very visual person and honestly these still scenes made me bored as beans. Still, I would like to know which of the Crewniverse made the art. And it's an interesting way to do the scene, because it's different. Still, just not my thing.

     No, you see, my gemsona is perfect and no one can tell me otherwise. It's perfect the way I created it, and I will not change anything. It is NOT Marysue!

     Characters need to have flaws?! What blasphemy is this?

    "A real hero must struggle!" *Cough* Pearl *Cough*.

    Pearl is just so zoned out when Steven first comes in. She doesn't even notice he's called her name. I know this is all just subtle build up to tomorrow.

     Startled from her thoughts. Come on Friend Ship, give us that sweet sweet reconciliation!

    This is a Lauren Zuke Pearl if I ever saw one (storyboarder for this episode). Or it might be Hilary's and I'm dumb. It's one of their styles I know it!

     "It's great when you never stop trying!" I think that there is a lot more meaning behind this than people give the line credit for. Yeah, it's a great saying. But like... why is there so much desperation on Steven's face, and in the inflection in his voice? Steven just looks and sounds so stressed out. Kind of like he doesn't quite believe what he's saying, but it's just something he keeps telling himself. I think it has to do with the fact that he keeps pushing himself to try to be a better Crystal Gem, and to be more like his mother. But he's just a little kid, and the responsibilities that are expected of him seem to be starting to get to him, inwardly.

    Pearl is just so gosh darn motherly in this scene! Like, she's finally had a breakthrough that Rose isn't coming back and she's stuck with Steven, but he's cute and smart and funny and every bit as powerful and kind as Rose. He doesn't deserve the treatment she's given him, and maybe she should try a little harder at being more supportive.

    I bet Pearl has lots of great stories about the beginning of Beach City.

    I wish there was a full readable script with all of Pearl's notes. I'd love to see her edits!

    "I wrote the jokes!" Aww, Steven is so excited!

     Follow your dreams, Jamie. "A real hero struggles!"


     There's a lot to notice about this scene. For one, Sadie and Lars are sitting together. Ronaldo and Peedee are here, but Mr. Fryman is not for some reason. Also, looks like Lars is still in with the cool kids, since he's sitting next to Jenny! Maybe it's a double date?

    The Crewniverse wants you to stop shipping Pewey. So please, stop.

     Steven starts off REALLY nervous for the play.

    Pearl just looks so excited! I mean, isn't this a boring HUMAN ritual? But as soon as she sees Steven, she just goes into total mom mode.

    As soon as mama Pearl starts waving at Steven, he seems to get way more relaxed.

    Oh hey, it's the return of Sadie's mom!

     Just in case anyone doubts that this is the temple gem, Steven makes a comment about a quadruple noogie. Quadruple meaning 4. Now, I know there are technically 5 gems, but when they form the mega fusion, Garnet is probably already fused. So while 5 gems would be part of the fusion, only 4 individuals would be forming it.

    I'm sure William Dewey also high fived the giant woman.

    Causally slides in on a skateboard wave.

    I guess when you're in a town as small as Beach City, politics just kind of leaks into everything.

    "Start with local theater." Hey, Garnet was right!

     WOW Nanefua! Just... just going for it there.

    Jamie is in shipping hell with us.

    "I am a gem of many talents. A dedication to fact is just one of them."

     Oh look at the human. Humans are just so funny. There there, that's a good human. *Pat pat.*

    "Sometimes it's just gotta make the audience happy. That's why you always end on a joke."

    BUT THE EPISODE DIDN'T END ON A JOKE? Or they're trying to say Steven is a joke? I mean it's 4am, am I just missing the joke?

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