• Fan Theory: Peridot's Ship is One Piece of a Giant Mech

    Check out the image above, of Peridot's ship. Now, a hand shaped ship seems a little weird in the first place, right? But take a look at the wrist. Doesn't that look a bit like some kind of port? Like that hand might attach to a bigger, full body ship?

    Consider how big that hand ship is in the first place. Consider there is a much larger ship that it attaches to. Consider that full ship is what Yellow Diamond is bringing to Earth to take over right now.

    While we're all laughing at Peridot's antics, there is potentially a massive humanoid shaped space vehicle en route to Earth, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the first gem war. If it has appeared on Earth before, it's probably what the temple mega fusion first fought.

    Anyway, the mega temple fusion fighting a huge ship in the final battle for Earth seems like great finale material. So what do you think? Is Peridot's ship just one piece of a bigger space station?


    Twitter: Emerald