• Steven Universe Party!

    A few SU fans had a Steven themed party! All the food looks amazing. As if that Together Breakfast cake wasn't enough, see more photos after the break. The original post has gotten over 16,000 notes in just a day! Now you can prepare your own SU food for your next party! This is some seriously cool stuff!

    Alright, that's pretty clever!

    This is actually a great idea.

    A simple gingerbread man cookie cutter and you're set!

    I don't know what kind of food this is, but it's preciously adorable.

    The signage for all these foods are great!

    These may be imperfect pork chops, but they look like actual perfectly cooked hot dogs. No grill marks? They didn't explode in the microwave? Who expertly cooked this hotdogs?

    I don't know what the green stuff is, but putting swords into this massive dessert tray was truly a stroke of genius.

    But why is there no clear jello for Pearl?

    Alright, am I missing a pun with Warp Pav as some kind of food dish, or is it just spelled wrong? Honestly I can't tell, it looks like a green frosting pile with blueberries on top. Not that that doesn't sound delicious.


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