• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask the Giant Woman Family

    This tumblr is EXTREMELY adorable. It's pretty much got everything you could ask for. Cute characters, a well done art style, lesbians, persons of color, excitement, comics, and a great story. Seriously, this is an amazing ask tumblr. This tumblr follows the lives of Amethyst and Pearl, in an alternate universe where they are humans, married, and have a baby. They are all portrayed amazingly well, and the artist is simply fantastic. If there was ever an ask blog to check out, this is it!

    Ask the Giant Woman Family - Current Page - First Page

    We'd love to hear from you guys about other tumblrs out there dedicated to the SU universe, whether it be OCs, characters from the show, alternate universes or what have you. If you have a tumblr to share send it to beachcitybugle@gmail.com for review. Remember, no pornographic material or extreme gore, keep submissions as PG-13 or below as possible.

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