• Episode Followup: Nightmare Hospital

    So, this episode was just as creepy as we all figured it would be from the name! Of course, considering the nightmarish scenes in 'Keeping It Together', of course Raven and Paul would be the writers of this episode.

    Connie's getting all Clark Kent up in here!

    It's interesting how Lion's mane works. Like, stuff has to be kept up on the hill by the tree for it to stay inside, right? But Lion can summon objects out of his mane at will. Whereas if Steven is retrieving it from inside, he has to  climb all the way up the hill. Magical mane properties!

    Future savior of the planet, everyone. 

    Yeah, let’s hope that we don’t see any "creepy gem fusion experiments" in the near future! That'd suck! Obviously, no cluster experiments would show up in an episode titled 'Nightmare Hospital'! (Also, check out the neat photos of Mr. and Mrs. Maheswaran in the background!)

    What we see here is a great example of the different types of homes Connie and Steven come from. Whenever Connie wants to do something she doesn’t want her parents finding out about, she has to lie, straight faced. With Steven, there’s no reason for him to not be open and honest with Greg and the gems (which is why he’d be so nervous). They’re always supportive, even if they don’t always understand. They aren’t overprotective of Steven, and they don’t see a need to train Steven up for college and a career. Whereas Connie’s parents want her to be intelligent, capable, and successful. Her mom is a doctor, and her dad is a security officer - both pretty respectable and well paying jobs. Obviously they want their daughter to grow up and get a great job like they have.

     With Steven, he’s going to be a gem warrior, and that’s that. Protect the Earth, that’s his destiny. Unlike Connie, who will probably at least have a career chosen, Steven’s future has already been decided for him, simply by the fact that he was born with his gem. What’s interesting is Connie’s mom thought she’d been practicing her violin for an hour… So how many times has Connie sneaked off to Steven’s while her parents were both at work? She has her own key, indicating that she probably comes home from school to an empty house, a lot.

    Okay, but… the scabbard is pointy at the bottom. How is it standing up?
    If she freaked out a little more, I'm pretty sure her eyes would literally pop out of her head.

    Steven now canonically a gang member, according to Dr. Maheswaran. (Also, cute family photo in the top right.)

    *Stuffing sword into bag.* “I have to go right now immediately!”

    But how would her mom confiscate a LION?

    This adorable face!

    Aren’t Lion Lickers supposed to be frozen though? How long were those in Steven’s pocket?

    Oh man, I am so excited to break into a hospital!

    This is how you serious face.

    Awww, cutie pies!

    What is this frame even?

    “Where did you say you found them?”

    So obviously she thinks this mass is more than one person. Who was involved in a car accident. And are somehow still alive, while being horribly mangled together. All makes sense.

    Wait, Steven’s never been to a hospital? Don’t most kids get check ups and vaccines, from a young age? What if Steven’s healing powers have been secretly keeping him healthy?

    I like how Connie is used to sneaking around her parents, so she's the calm one during this whole episode.

    Strange figure in the hallway? Eh, probably one of the other doctors.

     Oh, hold on, just a patient. A patient with no face. And 3 arms.

    Sorry I'm too busy scowling at my mom to be attacked by you right now.

    “Sorry Connie, I’m too busy keeping this sword away from you so you'll be safe!”

     "Keep your hands off MY Connie!"

    You don't mess with Steven's girl!

    “Mother knows best!” Hmm… 

    Gravity Falls reference, maybe? (Picture in the background.)

    Spider Cluster, Spider Cluster... 

    Return of the Rose shaped bubble! 

    Dr. Maheswaran knows about the internets!

    I was wondering if this was going to be resolved eventually. I mean, she’s been wearing them still, so obviously her parents hadn’t noticed yet.

    “Your eyesight just magically got better?” Yes, mom, that is literally what happened.

    Here we see Connie, being a badass!

    Jumping off the shield was a really cool teamwork move!

    It's great that we get to see Connie's skill in an actual battle!

    *Doesn’t flinch at gem monster.* *Scared of a lion.*

    *Excited for Connie* *Remembers he doesn't have a mom.* 

    Awww, Steven!

    Well, another great episode! Hope you all enjoyed! Leave your thoughts, headcanons, or questions about this episode in the comments!

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