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    Ahh, barns. They might sometimes smell like old hay, and they might sometimes look like they haven't been maintained in decades, but there's just something picturesque about them, isn't there? While we're waiting for the episode, let's head out to the old barn and enjoy the scenery. Maybe we can even paint a painting or two, eh? They say the word barn comes from the Old English bere, for barley (or grain in general), and aern, for a storage place, so barn means a storage place for barley. Greg certainly uses his old barn for storage space! Though, he doesn't store barley, mostly just old aircraft parts. Come to think of it, I guess it's his aunt and uncle's barn, not his barn. I wonder whatever happened to those two. Maybe they'll show up today!

    Come meet Greg's aunt and uncle with us at 5:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network. If you can't make it to the family reunion, don't worry, it'll be livestreamed! We've got a bunch of streams listed after the break.

    Ahh, barns. A barn is an agricultural building primarily located on farms and used for many purposes, notably for the housing of livestock and storage of crops. In addition, barns may be used for equipment storage, as a covered workplace, and for activities such as threshing. The word barn is also used to describe buildings used for uses such as a tobacco barn or dairy barn. Byre is a word for one type of barn meant for keeping cattle[1]Taken from the Wikipedia article on barns.. Greg's barn is definitely not a byre. It's more of a cellar, am I right?
    TODO: rewrite that joke, do not publish with that joke

    Join in the hoedown with us at 5:30 ET/PT on Cartoon Network! Or... I used the wrong image. I used the wrong whole dang fandom. Ok ok, calm down. Do over. Everyone gets one. Back to the drawing board. Nobody will ever have to know. Blogger's really good about deleting this old stuff.

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