• Fan Theory: Sneeple and the Cluster are Connected?

    Although I would have figured Sneeple would be spelled "Sneople", that is in fact the canon spelling. Check out the cool theory below, which has a good amount of canon evidence and clues to back it up.

    Now, we know Ronaldo loves crazy theories. His talk of the "Diamond Authority" and "polymorphic sentient rocks" in 'Keep Beach City Weird' bring up some interesting questions. The gems could very well be described as polymorphic sentient rocks. So, if Ronaldo was right about that, perhaps he was right about the Diamond Authority... and perhaps he was also right about Sneeple? His last line of the episode says, "They're here to hollow out the Earth! It's part of the Great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form!"

    Hollow out the Earth, he said? But wait, isn't the cluster potentially at the center of the Earth? And "they'll take on any form" could be taken as a reference to the gems ability to shapeshift. And the Diamond Authority? Well, Peridot mentioned a Yellow Diamond, and Pearl has been seen with a Pink Diamond symbol on her space suit. In addition, there were the four colored diamonds at the arena Pearl takes Connie to to train her in sword fighting. So while Ronaldo's weird ramblings may seem random, maybe they're exactly on point.

    Serpentine Theory

    My idea is that Serpentine(/Lizardite) IS the cluster. 
    As shown by Ronaldo, snakes have some big part in the government, which gives me the idea of Serpentine, or Lizardite (a form of Serpentine, fyi).
    Serpentine is not a single mineral, but rather a group of related minerals.
    The names for the gemstones Serpentine and Lizardite come from the fact they are green, like a snake
    A category of Serpentine is Chrysotile, which is described as polymorphous
    some fishy pictures^
    What Serpentine looks like^

    Also, let’s look at two different types of Serpentine:
    Williamsite, and Deweylite
    William has the nickname Bill, and this gives us the name Bill Dewey
    So the government official Bill Dewey has names that relate to Serpentine …………………
    Also Deweylite contains small amount of Stevensite, but idk what to do with this information.

    Crazy coincidences, or REAL CONSPIRACY THEORIES? You decide!

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