• Grace Rolek Reveals Spoilers at Animate Miami

    Grace Rolek, voice actress for Connie Maheswaran, had a panel at Animate Miami. She and Zach Callison revealed some interesting hints about the future of the show, and a fan even asked Grace to yell "John Cena!" in Connie's voice (see the video after the break). The info below isn't extreme spoilers, but if you want to avoid all information upcoming episodes, even stuff that's vague, better skip it.

    • Grace lurks on the fandom on Tumblr frequently
    • New Gems/characters that we haven’t seen before WILL be on the show in the near future
    • She believes that Connie would enjoy the kindergarden and would definitely want to know more about it if she were to go to the kindergarden ( she never mentioned whether or not it’s gonna happen )
    • Grace ships romantic Rupphire, which she said was canon, so even if people thing that they’re siblings or just friends, there’s another crew member further confirming that they are in a relationship
    • Rebecca Sugar tells her spolier related things that she doesn’t tell the other voice actors, because Grace is a fan of the show as well
    • During the entire panel, Zach and Grace kept straight faces during all the theories that were mentioned. However, when the panel host (stevenuniverseconspiracies) mentioned the Rose being a tratior/Pink Diamond, Zach and Grace looked at each other and smirked.
    • When asked if Lapis and Peridot will communicate, Grace said she “wished she could tell me what happens between them but cannot tell me due to legal purposes” Which could mean they will communicate in the future. (Indicating it may be something that does happen between them that is important enough for Grace to not be able to tell fans a for sure no.)

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