• Rebecca Sugar Proves What We Knew All Along on Her Twitter

    If you frequent Twitter, you've probably seen a lot of people changing their names in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday. Some of the Crewniverse have even joined in the fun! For example, Amber Rogers is now Ambone Graverogers, Matt Burnett is now Bat Boo-nett, Surasshu is now suraboo, and Aivi Tran is now Aivi Tarantula. As for Rebecca Sugar, she just gets right to the point.

    Rather than trying to be punny like 99% of the rest of twitter participants, Rebecca Sugar proves all along what we already knew: she wants SU to literally kill us all. Is her goal to make us die of heart attacks from cute characters? Is our outcome to die of emotional turmoil? Once again, we are left wondering just what fate R. Sugar has in store for us. If you don't already follow her on Twitter, DO IT!

    Twitter: Emerald