• When It Rains - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Peridot… I’m sorry.

    Ahh, rain. Is there anything more relaxing than listening to the sound the rain? Well, ok, maybe this is, but the point is that rain is really relaxing. It lets you sit and think about things, like the upcoming Steven Universe episode. I like to sit and think about upcoming episodes all the time. I wonder which characters will be in them. I mean this one's probably got Peridot in it, that's basically a given at this point. But it's also probably got rain in it. Now, what is rain? Rain is water. Which gem is in charge of water? Lapis Lazuli! So therefore this is probably a Lapis episode[1]I have no actual reason to believe Lapis Lazuli is in this episode, but if she is, I totally called it.! This could be it, folks! The long-awaited return of Lapis Lazuli! C'mon, it has to be, look how cute they are together! This episode is going to be amazing! Do NOT miss it!

    See if I'm right by tuning into Cartoon Network at 5:30 ET/PT! No rain in the forecast for you? Don't worry, streams are just as relaxing. We've got some for you below.