• Fan Theory: Homeworld Fusion

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    Ruby and Sapphire's Fusion is illegal on Homeworld. Well we all know that Garnet fought in the war for earth’s independence, so she could (Ruby and Sapphire) stay together and live as a fusion.

    But why the hate on Garnet? What’s wrong with fusion? We’ve seen how powerful fusion can be and I’m sure that the Homeworld would want strong soldiers and it’s even stated by Peridot “Strong soldier gems hold a high rank”, so what’s wrong with Garnet…

    Well before people have speculated that it’s because Garnet’s a fusion of love (fused only because Ruby and Sapphire want to stay together) and in Homeworld they only see it as a means for war and to be stronger. This is supported when Jasper says “Fusion just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger” and by Peridot when she calls her a “war machine”, also explains why she felt “uncomfortable” seeing her. Cause that was fusion’s main function in Homeworld just for fighting… Okay but if Garnets a permanent fusion that means she’ll be strong all the time so why not? 
    Then in “Keeping it Together” we’ve seen Homeworld use fusion as punishment, forcing the shards of fallen gems to fuse. Which was probably the most disturbing thing we’ve seen in Steven Universe… I mean it look at it… It’s like the human centipede… AND MY GOD! Homeworld make up your mind is fusion a tool or a form of punishments, so obviously there has to more to this…

    I was still trying to figure out why until the Steven Universe Guide to the Crystal gems came out and it explains everything and why her fusion is considered illegal in Homeworld….
    In the book Garnet explains the basic concepts of a fusion and says unless they’re identical. Which means gems fused with the same gem type so basically a pearl fused with another pearl would result in an a bigger and stronger pearl… or any type (I’m just using this as an example since we know they were mass produced and they’re more bound to have twins) And even if they weren’t identical they still would be the same gem just a different appearance.
    And then in Garnet’s fun fact it’s said that “when Ruby and Sapphire first formed Garnet , it was very unusual for two different types of Gems to form a Fusion”, and with this I’ve concluded that the reason why Home world specifically doesn’t allow Garnet’s fusion… because it’s a mix-breed fusion!

    Think about from what’s been seen of the Homeworld it’s clear that they care about perfection and order as their top priority. So I’m pretty sure that they’d want a pure-breed fusion, and a mix-breed fusion they weren’t having any of that (it’s basically like how pure-breed dogs are more valuable and than mixed breed dogs). Another reason for this too is because with a pure-breed fusion you can control them easier for them.

    Think about it when two different gems combine they form an entirely new being together. And when that happens we have not idea what form they take or what type of personality they’re take on. And since that was the case Homeworld wouldn’t know how to handle that, let’e take Sugilite for example.

    When she first appeared she was held massive powerful but she was totally unstable and wasn’t willing to listen to reason. She even attack Pearl even though she was her ally. That’s why I believe that they only allowed pure-breed fusions they couldn’t handle the unpredictability of what kind of gem it would be if it was mixed. So they forbade it and since Ruby and Sapphire wanted to stay as a permanent fusion they considered it taboo. Homeworld believed that having Garnet exist would set a bad example they probably said this “if you stay fused as a mixed fusion all they other gems would wanna mix together… and your not even fighting you two are out of line!” And thus Ruby and Sapphire chose to go against home world….

    This also explains the punishment for the rebel gems back during the war in keeping it together. Without a doubt they definitely used fusion during the gem war, Homeworld probably used pure-fusions and Rose’s side used mixed fusions on her side. Then when Homeworld found and shattered gems who mixed fused they forced them to fuse. It’s basically Homeworld way of saying “Oh you like fusing with different gems fine…will make sure you’ll get what you wanted”, which birthed the mutant gem experiments. And there’s only two gems I know who would teach the rebel gems to mix-fuse (or should I say one gem).
    That’s right Ruby and Sapphire were the ones to teach the rebels how to fuse like that. The were probably used to pure-breed fusion until Ruby and Sapphire introduced mixed fusion to them. Which explains the conversation they were having, after in encountering the mutant hand fusion. Sapphire says “it’s not out fault”… trying to comfort Ruby, but deep down they both blame themselves for this happening to their friends that supported them during the war. Homeworld probably did this in order to set an example too if gems ever thought of mixed fusion; that they’d end up like the rebel gems.

    And you know what… HOMEWORLD SUCKS! Garnet’s awesome and there is nothing wrong with her! If anything that’s why Garnet’s one of a kind, she’s the first ever fusion of love and the first mix gem too! I’m pretty sure why Garnet always holds herself up with pride and isn’t afraid to show who she is because it’ll just prove that Homeworld’s right and they’re dead WRONG!

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