• Fan Theory: Pearl/Connie Parallel

    Not so much a theory so much as it's just an observation. Pearl threw away her life time after time for Rose, but did Rose ever give her life for Pearl? Their relationship was definitely one sided, but perhaps a bit more than we had thought.

    “In a real battle, Steven won’t be there to save you!”
    I wonder.
    We’ve seen that Pearl was there for Rose, over and over and over and over.  Whether she was wanted or not, whether she was needed or not, Pearl was always there to save Rose.
    But…In the Connie/Steven relationship she’s built up as a parallel to her own relationship with Rose, Connie isn’t Rose–she’s Pearl.
    How many times was Rose not there for Pearl?
    How many times did Pearl die alone, hurting, frightened, convinced there must be a very good reason Rose didn’t save her, that it was all part of the ~master plan~ her idol had for the war?  How many of Pearl’s deaths did she think were necessary, and how many of Pearl’s deaths does she think, deep down, could have been prevented if Rose was only there?

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