• Fan Theory: Pearl's Spear

    We all know Pearl is an expert swordfighter. However, a sword is not the weapon that she summons from her gem, but rather her spear. So why then would Pearl be skilled in a weapon that does not come to her naturally? Read a theory below about the different weapons that Pearl uses.

    i have this theory that pearl isn’t supposed to have a weapon at all, and here’s my reasoning:
    1. Pearl is always the one who emphasizes hard work and discipline when it comes training to fight
    With hard work and dedication, you can master the magical properties of your gem and perform your own dance! 
    Amethyst and Garnet never seem to focus as much as Pearl does when she’s summoning her weapon during battle; Amethyst just pulls her whip out of her gem with little to no effort, and Garnet’s gauntlets just seem to appear, but every time pearl summons her weapon, she seems focused and poised. here’s a reference video
    2. Pearls aren’t supposed to be for fighting in the first place
    Deep down you know you weren’t built for fighting, but that doesn’t mean you’re not prepared to try. 
    From what we know about Pearls on homeworld from Peridot, they are servant-class gems that aren’t made to perform advanced tasks like engineering, and certainly aren’t intended for battle. when Pearls are created, ensuring they have a weapon is probably of no concern whatsoever.
    3. Pearl’s the only gem who has mastered a form of fighting other than with her specialized weapon.
    so imagine for a second that you are a super resilient space gem who is fighting a war for the earth’s independence. if you had to choose a tool for battle, would you choose either:
    • a spear that you can summon as many as you want of at any time instantaneously that is throwable (tbt to when it knocked that drill off the side of the kindergarten wall), incredibly durable, and that is capable of shooting high-powered laser blasts, or
    • a sword
    so the answer here is pretty obvious, and it’s why in battle, Pearl always fights with her spear, even though she’s obviously a master swordfighter as well. so, why does Pearl know how to swordfight? boredom? why does she have an entire sword collection in her room?? but a better question is, why, in the flashback to the war we are shown in “sworn to the sword”, is Pearl wielding a sword?

    what i’m proposing is that the reason pearl didn’t use her spear in this battle is because she didn’t even know she had one yet–otherwise there’s not really any other feasible reason why she would use a more primitive weapon right?? i’m thinking that’s probably what a lot of the weapons left behind by shattered gems were–weapons wielded by gems who couldn’t summon their own (or gems like Rose, whose wields a sword because a shield would not be very useful for like, stabbing people). this would also explain why pearl is so eager to share with steven how to summon his weapon–she probably only learned how to after the war was long over and she would be the one who is proudest of this ability.

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