• Fan Theory: Rose's Eyes

    There is very little we know about Rose Quartz. Check out an interesting analysis of some of the scenes we've seen Rose Quartz in, after the break.

    So I’m sure many of you noticed that in many instances Rose has not shown her eyes. This is a common occurrence in the show, and very deliberate.

    In film, Looking someone in the eyes give a sense of honesty and covering them gives a sense of deceitfulness and dishonesty. 

    The Painting

    Rose’s painting is a very important background item for the show. It’s in almost every scene inside the house. 

    Even in the original painting, Rose has her eyes closed.

    However, many scenes have a beam covering her face

    These are 3 of many different episodes that have this. The covering of Rose’s face is a very important artistic choice to help us see that something about her is untrustworthy.

    There are other scenes where the top of the painting is cut off as well.

    Other examples

    While the painting is the most common example, we have many more where the artists chose to cover her eyes/have them closed

    I don’t explain very well, but I think this is very important to Rose’s story, and I think we will find out in time why the creators wanted us to feel she was not to be trusted

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