• Fan Theory: Shared Gem Abilities

    We already know that all gems can shapeshift. We also know that some gems have different abilities - Pearl can shoot from her spear, whereas Amethyst and Jasper have both displayed a Sonic the Hedgehog-esque spin attack. So while some attacks and fighting styles are different, there are definitely some shared abilities among gems. Check out examples of one shared ability you may not have noticed, after the break!

    I’m talking in this post about one of the Gems’ shared abilities that seems to kind of be overlooked: their capacity to fly or hover

    the first clip is from Roses’s Scabbard, when Steven tries to jump for Pearl. The fact that he jumps and basically seems to be floating until Pearl looks back at him all panicked is pretty important. I mean you can chalk this up to dramatic effect, but he seems essentially weightless before she looks at him and then he starts to fall like gravity suddenly took effect. My theory is that Steven, like his mother, has the ability to hover or float, he just has to be focused.

    the second clip is from Coach Steven and is probably the strongest piece of evidence, because there’s really no other explanation for how pearl is just floating in midair there when Sugilite looks at her and says “you think you’re something?” again, yeah, people might say this is just for dramatic effect, like a freeze frame, but if you look closely, she’s not frozen–as Sugilite says her line, Pearl bobs up in down in the air for several seconds, clearly floating.

    Rose also demonstrates her ability (to some extent) to slow her fall and hover a bit off the ground in the next clip.

    The next clip is of Pearl from “Coach Steven” again, jumping backwards and gliding through the air; this could also be chalked up to just a more powerful jump, but she kind of seems to be floating, too.

    After Garnet hits Amethyst towards the ground in the next clip, she hovers briefly in the air, unmoving, just as Amethyst does after she turns into a baseball bat in the next clip. The final two clips demonstrate the Gems’ capacity to jump unbelievably high without any sort of propulsion or anything. I didn’t include this but Sapphire floats all the time, but this seems to be a unique ability; the Gems’ gemstones also float in midair while they regenerate as well.

    the reason I’m bringing this up (because i could totally just be rehashing the obvious) is because there’s an upcoming episode entitled “Steven Floats” (it’s number 79 on the wiki’s list, with “Too Far” being at 73, so its coming up pretty soon, too). 

    I’m not entirely sure how else you could really interpret this title other than steven learning his floating abilities (and maybe running into problems, like, he can’t control them and he floats too high?) ANYWAYS yes that is all i got hope you found this interesting, let me know what your thoughts are as well

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