• Nightly Discussion #152

    Hey everyone! I wonder if the Crystal Gems used to do more human things, like watching movies, or farming, or keeping pets. Maybe they used to be more human, for a few hundred years, but got bored of that and realized how pointless it was since they're immortal. They don't need to eat, or sleep, they don't need shelter, and they don't need money. Humans have purposes for what they do, and gems... what is their purpose? Even on Homeworld. They exist, sure. They obviously try to conquer/destroy other planets like Earth. But why? Just to be more powerful? Maybe Rose finally asked herself those questions, and that's what made her change her ways. I mean, if you're immortal, why not try to protect and care for things that aren't immortal? Anyway, enough waxing philosophical, this isn't a fan theory post! Have a good discussion tonight.

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