• Article: Get With the Program: The Coming Out of Children's Cartoons

    Steven Universe has definitely made major strides when it comes to representation, for many different groups. SU is so diverse in its cast of characters, that it's almost unbelievable what the network approves of. Oh sure, shows like Animaniacs and Rocko's Modern Life got away with dirty humor back in the 90's, but you can bet executives would have had something to say if they caught any hints about a homosexual character.

    I wish that as a kid, I'd been able to see positive homosexual characters and relationships when I was growing up. Having been raised in a homophobic home, I was taught that heterosexuality was my only option for a relationship. Not seeing any gay characters on TV only seemed to confirm what I'd been taught. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I started to think that maybe my parents were wrong. Check out the article below to read about queer representation from the 90's until now, and how cartoons have grown in 25 years.