• Fan Theory: Jasper Fought With Honor

    We don't know too much about Jasper, other than that she's a warrior, and definitely brash and rude. But there's also that hint that Matt Burnett gave us, that there's more to Jasper than meets the eye. A couple of fans had some ideas on pieces of Jasper's character that might be revealed.

    “I fought against your armies, I respected your tactics.”
    What if Jasper is a disgrace on Homeworld for this?
    What we can maybe take from this was Jasper was HONORABLE. She respected tactics and she respected Rose.
    And it lost them the Earth.
    From what we’ve seen from Homeworld, it would do whatever it takes for victory. It has used bio weapons and forcibly fused enemies and maybe even allies together into horrifying monsters. Jasper’s honorable ‘leadership’ lost them the Earth.
    Perhaps thats the reason she’s stuck with a cowardly tech gem on a backwater, doomed planet. Maybe this was her LAST chance to redeem herself to Yellow Diamond.

    This would also make Jasper’s opinion on fusion ‘being a cheap tactic’ her own, and not homeworld’s.
    Escorting Peridot might have been her one shot at redemption, that’s why she’s so aggressive and willing to do whatever it takes to complete the mission.

    Including fusion.

    In her first appearance she considered the Crystal Gems “Another waste of (her) time”.

    Ideas? Anyone else got any theories?

    With this theory in mind, I did have another thought connected to it.
    Unless there is some sort of unkown factor that existed druing the war, from what we can tell, homeworld almost definetly outnumbered the Crystal Gems. They would have had at least a fleet or two orbiting earth during the war, minimum.

    But appaerently, they retreated - after most of the gems were corrupted.
    The Crystal Gems say they won the war. In a sense, they did, but only at the cost of every single crystal gem apart from the group we know currently.
    So obviously the CGs were at a disadvantage from the start. So how did they pull off surviving long enough to have Homeworld break out some sort of super weapon? Or retreat due to their own losses?

    Well, If Homeworld was playing dirty, there would be no reason for Rose to keep it clean. She would have used just as many underhanded tactics. Maybe they were less obvious, like having traitors placed behind enemy lines. HW may never have known that they were more than just rebels; they were actually taking orders.

    So if Jasper was fighting with Honour, and no one else was, she would have been something of the underdog.

    Hell, if the series was framed around a young Jasper, the audience would probably be rooting for her.

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