• Fan Theory: Pearl originally served under Blue Diamond

    Nothing can stop SU fans from coming up with strange theories! Check out an interesting and not often considered theory, below the break!

    If Rose is/was Pink Diamond, it’s pretty obvious Pearl served under her at some point (e.g. the pink diamond on her flight suit in Space Race and Back to the Barn). However, everybody seems to assume that Pearl was made for Rose and served her for as long as she was on Homeworld. There is a possibility that Pearl originally served under another diamond before becoming loyal to Rose, which would also avoid the problem of Pearl being in love to Rose simply because she was made to be loyal to her. If this is true, I think she might have served under Blue Diamond first before leaving for Rose.
    One of the reasons I think this is because of the many similarities between her and Lapis, another gem who is commonly thought to have served under Blue Diamond (or, by many fans, to be Blue Diamond). They both have similar hair, large noses and slender bodies. In addition, they both say similar lines, including ’[Why won’t you] just let me do this for you [Rose]’ (Pearl in Sworn to the Sword and Lapis in Chille Tid), ‘Leave me alone!’ (Pearl in Rose’s Scabbard and Lapis in Ocean Gem) and 'Go away!’ (Pearl in Rose’s Scabbard and Lapis in Ocean Gem).

    Furthermore, every other gem we’ve seen so far (apart from Rose, but we can excuse her because of how heavily pink is associated with her even without it being the main colour in her form) seems to have one main colour for their form (Garnet and Ruby red, Amethyst purple, Lapis and Sapphire blue, Peridot green and Jasper orange). However, Pearl has a mixture of many colours - the pink/orange of her hair, the white/almost green of her skin and the green/blue of her tunic. This could indicate the fact that she isn’t considered her own gem and has to change based on everybody else, but it could also indicate mixed loyalties. Her pinkish hair indicates her most recent loyalty to Rose, and the other green/blue tints indicate her previous loyalty to Blue Diamond.

    However, when Pearl served under Blue Diamond, I don’t think she 'belonged’ to Blue Diamond herself, but another gem serving under Blue Diamond who was powerful/important enough to have a Pearl. The only two gems we know who are likely to have served under Blue Diamond (based on their forms) are Lapis and Sapphire. 

    I’m not sure about Lapis, the only evidence I can think of is their similarities. If Pearl had served under Lapis, it seems like she would have recognised Lapis’ gem in the mirror (which she does look directly at during Mirror Gem).

    This leaves Sapphire as the only other opti
    on for Pearl serving under a gem we know. This does seem unlikely at first, but Sapphire has some similarities to Rose - long hair/dress - that make her seem princess-like, which could imply she was of a high enough standing to 'own’ a Pearl. Also, if she was one of the diplomatic gems (as hinted at in the preview for The Answer), it seems likely that she would have a Pearl. This would also provide a way for Pearl to have met Rose, and it would also make sense how Pearl, who is made to do what she is told, could have changed sides so easily - she was following her 'owner’. Also, there seem to be different rankings of Pearls for different rankings of gems who 'own’ them - Peridot states in Back to the Barn that Pearl 'looks like a fancy one, too’, which many take to mean Rose was Pink Diamond and Pearl 'belonged’ to her. However, while saying this, Peridot is looking at Pearl’s sash, which is something she added to her form out of her own free choice after Rose was no longer around, which could suggest Pearl wasn’t originally 'a fancy one’. This makes it perfectly possible that Pearl could have originally served under a less powerful gem than Rose.

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