• Fan Theory: Ruby and Sapphire's Origin

    We've seen where Amethyst came from, and we know a bit about Pearls. But the origin of Ruby and Sapphire, and even Garnet, is still very much shrouded in mystery. I bet it's a really great story, and that's why Sugar and the Crewniverse are holding onto it. Check out a cool theory about the origins of Ruby and Sapphire, below the break!

    So the theory is that Ruby and Sapphire are defective, in a way. Like Amethyst was. Ruby and sapphire are both corundum, which is in between quartz and diamond on the mohs scale.

    As we know from the show, quartz are some of the highest ranking Gems, and are also strong, huge soldiers.

    And diamonds seem to be ruling Homeworld, so we can all assume they're the highest ranking Gems on Homeworld. So if corundum is between those two, it must be pretty strong and important.

    There's been a little theory thing that there are kindergartens on Homeworld or other planets or something. So that could/would mean that Ruby and Sapphire came from kindergartens. Now according to Peridot, Amethyst is so small because she came out later than all the other Gems in the kindergarten on Earth.

    So what if Ruby and Sapphire are the same, meaning that they too are "overcooked runts"? It is a possibility.

    And maybe the reason they're fused together all the time, maybe the reason they fell in love in the first place, is because they understand each other and have the same problem. That could make Garnet's backstory a whole lot sadder.

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