• Fan Theory: Steven's Perception of Rose Quartz

    Back in September, we got two mom centric episodes, and in a row to boot. One for Connie, and one for Sadie. You might say that Steven's "mom" episode was Lion 3: Straight to Video. But of course, there's so much about Rose that's shrouded in mystery. With the Crystal Gems giving very few details to Steven, fans are left as much in the dark as he is. There have been a lot of theories about Rose Quartz, but what if what Steven perceives of his mother is all wrong? What if she wasn't the great and glorious gem that everyone makes her out to be?

    Greg said, "I barely know you." and Rose replied, "that's a good thing." I mean, Rose saved and then continued to protect the Earth. What else had she done that humans would think was so horrible? They've lived through and seen wars, so if Rose had simply destroyed tons of gems, it shouldn't have been any more horrifying than an Earth war. Check out more on what this could mean for how Steven sees Rose, after the break.

    The central theme has been the lack of communication tearing at the bonds between family members. It’s never a case of either side not wanting to understand, but how one feels like the other is unable to understand so they keep that secret inside to fester until it explodes out.
    As we’re well aware, there’s quite a bit that the Crystal Gems have been holding back, from the revelation that every monster they fight was once a gem to the kindergartens that Amethyst was made in. Each time, the show has grown more serious for it since Steven is forced to face these uncomfortable truths and see the situation in a new light. For the most part, Steven has handled it remarkably well for such a young boy. But reality has to ensue like his struggle with wanting to protect his loved ones after being kidnapped by the Homeworld Gems and seeing a friend sacrifice her freedom for him. Still, these things have been mostly concerned with outside forces rather than personal relationships.
    There’s got to be a breaking point and I think they're building up to something that will shatter Steven’s perception on Rose Quartz. He’s had to rely on the memories of others and one video tape to get an idea of what she was like. More than likely, their perception of her is seen from rose-tinted glasses (excuse the pun) and Steven only knows about her better traits. I think the darkest that Steven has grasped about her life is Greg’s mention of the war over Earth where both people and gems fought and died during Rose’s rebellion.
    If the “Rose Quartz was really Pink Diamond” theory that has been strongly hinted in the newer episodes comes true and we learn that Rose used to not only support a highly oppressive system but actively lead it, we are sure to see Steven’s shattered perception on what his mom truly was and what that means for him since he has her gem.

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