• Interview with Rebecca Sugar in Jack and Jill Magazine!

    Check out that little Steven on the cover! Jack and Jill magazine did an awesome article with Rebecca Sugar! Daysia, age 12, got the chance to ask her about her favorite episode, what gem she would be, advice for kids, her inspiration for SU, and more! This article is freaking awesome, and a great insight on Rebecca. Check out the full interview below the break!

    The text is pretty small, so here's a transcript:

    A silly half-human boy named Steven and his alien friends (the Crystal Gems) use their unique powers to protect the world from evil in the animated TV series Steven UniverseJack and Jill kid reporter Daysia interviews the show's creator - writer, artist, and producer Rebecca Sugar.

    Daysia: When did you become interested in animation?
    Rebecca: I've loved animation ever since I was a little kid. My dad was a big fan of animation, so my brother and I grew up watching a lot of classic cartoons, like Looney Toons and Popeye.

    Daysia: Who's your role model?
    Rebecca: I really look up to Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack. I had a chance to work with him on the movie Hotel Transylvania, and I learned so much. He gave me advice when I first began working on Steven Universe, and he even directed the pilot. He cares so much about pacing and clarity, and also about playing to the strengths of the artists on his team. That was really inspiring to me.

    Daysia: What inspired you to create Steven Universe?
    Rebecca: Steven Universe was inspired by my brother, Steven. We hung out all the time when we were growing up - playing video games and drawing together. We were very interested in fantasy imagery. He works on the show with me now, as a background artist, so we're still drawing together.

    Daysia: Who's your favorite character in the series?
    Rebecca: Steven is my favorite character. I love to draw all the Gems, but Steven will always be the core of the show for me.

    Daysia: Are you going to create more Crystal Gems?
    Rebecca: Yes!

    Daysia: What character did you spend the most time on?
    Rebecca: I spent a lot of time on Pearl's design. I wanted her face to have a special characteristic. For a long time she didn't have her signature pointy nose. She tok me the longest to figure out.

    Daysia: Which episode is your favorite?
    Rebecca: I'm very fond of "Jail reak" (Editor's Note: In this episode, Steven meets Ruby and Sapphire, who fuse into Garnet - leader of the Crystal Gems.) Another episode I love hasn't aired yet. It's a musical.

    Daysia: If you could be one of the Gem, who would it be and why?
    Rebecca: I would love to be Garnet. I would love to be that cool. But Im more like Ruby. I get stressed out easily.

    Daysia: Do you have any advice for kids interested in this field?
    Rebecca: Draw a lot - all the time! I started drawing comics when I was 13, and kept drawing them all through high school and college. Many stories I tell now stated out as comics I did during that time. So start writing and drawing right away. You'll thank yourself later.

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