• Pictures From Steven Universe: Keeper of the Jams Event

    Last night I had the pleasure of attending an event in Seattle called Steven Universe: Keep of the Jams! It was a pretty cool event. None of the music was really SU themed, but the decorations certainly were! Sounds like the venue does a rave-type gathering with a different theme each month, and this month happened to be Steven Universe! Check out some pictures I took at the event below!

    The freezer was decorated like the Cookie Cat freezer!

    He's a pet for your tummy!

    There was a very popular coloring table.

    One of the DJ's playing a set. The space for coloring pages is a bit bare. 
    The sign above the coloring table. 

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    The coloring pages were cut out into familiar shapes from SU. You could draw whatever expression you wanted!

    My contribution to the coloring.
    There were decorations strung above the dance floor. Pretty good crowd showed up!

    More decorations by the bathroom.

    Steven silhouette on the bathroom door. 

    Walk into the bathroom and... what is that?!

    Nice, very nice. 
    The Sneople are watching.

    This was an amazing Cookie Cat prop.

    Hidden behind the ATM machine were more decorations.

     This DJ spun some music using Game Boy's! Sour Cream would be proud.

    Someone colored this great Steven! 

    Some folks color a giant Garnet head.
    Awesome spontaneous light show!
    This looked amazingly cool in person.

    Spinnin' some lights while the DJ spins a track!

    The art wall is filling up!
    A new DJ hits the booth (and more art on the wall)!

    He left his family behind!

    Woah, getting pretty full!

    Someone drew an awesome gem monster!

     More decorations by the pinball machines.

    And Steven! 

    What Steven was drawing.

    One last shot before I headed out.

    It was a cool event, hope to see more SU themed things popping up in my area! Feel free to send in pictures of your own personal SU themed party or an event you've gone too!

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