• Craig of the Creek Characters Wearing the Voice Actors Clothing

    One of the Crew of the Creek, Ashley Tahilan (better known by her Twitter handle oni_hat), had some fun and drew the characters of Craig of the Creek in the outfits of their voice actors! Above, we have Craig dressed in what Philip Solomon was wearing during a recording session. More after the page break!

    Kelsey wearing Noël Wells's attire.

    JP easily rocking Michael Croner's style.

    Mark wearing a nerdy shirt, much like Ben Levin would.

    Barry looking very handsome in Matt Burnett's shirt.

    David still sporting his helmet while wearing Zachary Steel's attire.

    Kit looking very professional while wearing Dana Davis' clothing.

    Jason looking a bit different while wearing Gunnar Sizemore's hoodie and not his uniform.

    Even if she's wearing Izabella Alvarez's clothing, Wildernessa just wouldn't be Wildernessa without that teddy bear on her head.

    Presented without comment.

    It always makes me happy to see the crew of Craig of the Creek having fun.