• SU Corrupted Gems Concept Sketches!

    Guy Davis helped out with some original concept sketches for Steven Universe. Even though his sketches look super cool, unfortunately his designs didn't end up in the show. Check out some of the first concept art of the gem monsters, after the break!

    STEVEN UNIVERSE…and Monsters?!

    Some after Halloween left overs! Here’s a peek at more series development that I did for the amazing Rebecca Sugar’s show, STEVEN UNIVERSE! Along with concept for the Crystal Gems Temple and an early (and unsavory) design forSteven’s Lion, I also worked on some early monster designs with Rebecca which you can see below! 
    The first pass at the monsters the Crystal Gems would fight were mostly gag and shape based without any story attachment. The gem motif wasn’t part of the design sense yet, just creature mutations with the gems hidden inside.

    Next with Rebecca’s direction, the monsters started incorporating the gems into their eyes and bodies!

    These early ideas never went pass the initial rough sketches I did, but more incredible monsters would be coming from Rebecca and her team to give Steven and the Crystal Gems many seasons of monster fighting ahead! Check back for more early SU monsters in a future post!

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