• The Crewniverse Basically Confirms Lapidot

    Michaela Dietz, voice of Amethyst, posted an interesting photo on Twitter today. Looks like she's casually hanging out in the recording studio with Shelby Rabara, voice of Peridot, and Jennifer Paz, voice of Lapis Lazuli. WAIT A SECOND! Why would Jennifer be recording lines unless LAPIS IS COMING BACK! Oh, also PERIDOT AND LAPIS RECORDING LINES TOGETHER!

    Lapidot fans, prepare for your ship to sail! Actual interaction of Peridot and Lapis is coming your way... sometime in 2016. Also, it seems that Crewniverse is aware of the fandom Lapidot love, hence the SUPER SUBTLE tweeting of this photo and tagging of the two voice actresses.

    Twitter: Emerald