• Fan Theory: Who Was Lion?

    Lion is probably one of the most mysterious characters in the show. Sure, Pink Diamond is one great big mystery, but as far as we know we've never even seen an image of her. Lion popped out of nowhere and started following Steven. He's a creature none of the Crystal Gems seemed to know about. And yet, he displays odd but gemlike powers. What sort of creature is Lion? Where did he come from before he met Steven? What's with his powers? What's his connection to Rose Quartz? Lots of questions, and maybe some surprising answers below.

    1. Pearl can store things in her gem.  
    What’s interesting to me is that no other gem has demonstrated this ability; Peridot even implies that pearls are the only ones who can, as they are are there to “stand around, look pretty, and hold your things for you.”  
    So clearly, it’s a rare or specialized ability.  
    2. Every Diamond we have seen thus far ‘owns’ a pearl, and those pearls all seem to share a color scheme with their given Diamond. 
    (I place ‘owns’ in quotations because, frankly, I don’t believe anyone can be owned by another.)
    3.. Pearl seems as though she may have belonged to White Diamond, or alternately, may not have belonged to Rose as previously speculated. 
    I think that, by now, we’re all very familiar with this theory, but I will reiterate.  As you can see from the above images, the Pearls each have their gem in the same spot as their Diamonds do.  Pearl does not have a gem on her navel as Rose Quartz did, but she does have on her forehead where White Diamond does.
    And this means…..
    4. …that there may have been a Pink Pearl who belonged to Pink Diamond, and who is currently missing in action.  
    So who, and where, is Pink Pearl? Patterns thus far would indicate that she would have a pink color scheme and be able to hide things within herself.  She also would have had a very obvious affiliation with Rose Quartz, who either is Pink Diamond or belonged to her court. 
    Incidentally, one character fits that description perfectly.

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